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A Homeless Shelter Stealing From the Homeless and Bullying Them, You Can't Get Much Lower Than That

There's an angry homeless person in the lobby.

Two nights ago I was harassed at the Interfaith Sanctuary a warehouse homeless shelter in Boise Idaho by a man who for almost a year has periodically harassed and bullied me which included threats and screaming. This was about a frickin' plastic bag and bringing in toiletry items to take a damn shower. I was told that I could only bring one bag and could not put my flip-fops in a separate bag, you know the flip-flops that go in a multi-use shower floor where there is massive fungus and bacteria. There are other issues with infection control in that place and other items that need separation. Plastic bags can be seen through even if there is one inside of another. He was apparently on a roll that night bullying many people, probably most of them women. Recently he came into the women's dorm to tell a woman who has gotten housing she had to leave the next day as she has the key. She had the key but needed to wait for money to move in. His treatment of the homeless, especially women is very ugly.

They have recently put in a card system which I will be writing more about. I asked him what happens if someone's card gets lost. He told me then the person would be charged a dollar to replace it. I then said they were not getting what homeless means if they think everyone there had a dollar. He then went on to say if a person did not have a dollar they would be referred somewhere else. That was it for me. I have been writing about what has gone on at that shelter for almost a year now. I told Dan Ault when they stole my suitcase and threw my civil cases in the garbage and he tried to run me out of the shelter that I was staying and would write about what went on. I did. I told Tim at that point, "You have just made a big mistake I have been writing about what goes on here and will begin publishing it." At one point he told me "we are nice people' and I said, "no you aren't. Then I said, don't you remember all those times you screamed at me. Tim then tells me he's a nice person he does not scream. I explained that he does and that he is a serial bully. He ran off to call Dan Ault his co-serial-bully.
I am an expert on bullying and have written about workplace bullying for years. People all over the world read those articles. I have also spoken about it and received a certificate from Mayor Navarre in Soldotna Alaska declaring a particular week "No Workplace Bullying Week." I have worked for predatory health care corporations with massive bullying and also have experience working with psychopaths since then keeping up on the research.

It is very likely they will throw me out of the shelter for publishing this. My plan was to wait until I got housing, but two things are clear, the bullying is getting much worse and housing is unlikely. If I get sick from being exposed to people in crowded conditions with my defective immune system I could also die before I am able to write about the abuse. Someone has to speak up. If not me then who?

[Comments from today are inserted in brackets.]
January 2nd 2016:
I will be sending this one far and wide by email:

[Which I did and was totally ignored by the powers that be in Boise and well, of course the very controlled news media here.]
[When this was written Dan Ault was the operations manager and not the director as he is now.]

I could not have imagined anything so evil even from psychopath Dan at the Interfaith Sanctuary as one would expect some degree of oversight and discipline from his supervisors, but apparently was wrong to expect that. I consider what has gone on to be domestic violence which is disgusting from a homeless shelter where victims come to find safety. There is no safety at the Interfaith Sanctuary. The cops I spoke to last night asked me about the City of Lights and I said I heard they had, “Batshit crazy Christians.” One said something like “do you know…” and I said “About batshit crazy Christians, yes I’m from Alaska,” they cracked up. Then I went on to describe the bullying and my experience just going there to check the place out that verified the rumors about it. 

[I went to the City of Lights right after becoming homeless when it was very cold out having been given false information by someone over at the River of Life, the men's mission shelter that was supposed to be a day shelter due to the very cold weather. I was told to come back for lunch at the City of Lights to check out how they do things. Then I made the mistake of doing this. A very rude woman searched us. They searched my socks and found nothing but cankles. Then they locked my backpack in a cupboard. The lunch was rotting salad and soup which was chicken broth that had a little rice and pasta in it. I drank the broth as that was the only healthy thing. Then I requested my backpack. They sent me to talk to a woman in one of the basement offices who proceeded to yell at me about how I know the rules, yaddida, yaddida. No I did not know their rules, except that all homeless women will be bullied by morons, that one I had just then figured out. So I got my backpack and have never gone anywhere near that place again. Massive rumors abound about the abuses there. I do like to eat sometimes at the ROL dining hall, it is supervised and no one has ever bullied me, in fact they have been super super nice.]

Keep in mind I am an expert on bullying and have worked with psychopaths in a psychiatric corrections setting. They were sex offenders in an experimental program, I was basically bait and used by psychologists due to my personality which includes being an ethical whistleblower type as Dr. Namie of the Workplace Bullying Institute puts it. The psychopaths who hated women came after me and their actions could be used to keep them incarcerated longer. This was in the 1980s. I was fascinated by them and have kept up on the research. I have also worked with them in a prison setting and then lived in Alaska which is filled with them. Yes, batshit crazy Christians and psychopaths, sometimes one and the same.

[Soldotna Alaska was where I endured several years of mobbing from a psychopathic cop who probably was working with a federal agency on Operation CHAOS aka Cointelpro 2.0 or something similar, but Alaska is filled with what I call crime families that bully as a group, like the Palins. Federal surveillance agencies are embedded in many places. They mobbed lots of people there but I was their original primary target. I finally left to become homeless due to the predatory corporations associated with the property not doing what they should have to stop the abuse and abusing people themselves. One of the corporate visitors asked me nastily one day, "Why are YOU talking to me?" This was USDA housing and that agency does nothing about abuse from the corporate entities associated with them, they just lie and give out money." I wrote about just part of the story. Soldotna is the town where the recent so called satanic invocation happened. Francis Graham has a house in that area and a crazy school which produces zombies who go around harassing people. It is really strange there as people always say the word 'Christian' as a code for being in the clique, the club and everyone else is bullied. Therefore, the inclusions of other beliefs are so important at the Kenai Borough Assembly meetings. I spoke about workplace bullying at that assembly meeting and got a certificate making a particular week 'Workplace Bullying Week'. What is actually happening is Mayor Navarre who I like a lot as he found me a good doctor there is trying to stop this exclusion of other beliefs by the community. My bedroom window was right across the street from the Kenai Borough Building where the assembly met.]

My education about bullying began when with a combination of trauma while working at a small hospital in a remote area as an RN. This trauma included large numbers of raped women coming in from remote villages and the police not arresting the rapists, my advocating for their arrests and being bullied by cops, and then severe workplace bullying by incompetent health care professionals in a remote village resulted in PTSD. Since no appropriate health care was available to me and I had tried to see the psychiatrist as the trauma illness developed five times and was turned down it became quite severe as the layers of trauma developed and I had a nervous breakdown. I was suicidal and was arrested for actions taken while in a dissociative state. The charges should not have happened, they were supposed to scare me into not talking about the racism and injustice against the Alaska Natives, lack of law enforcement allowing massive violence and rapes along with poor medical care of the Alaska Natives in that region. Their attempts to shut me up did not work. Instead I should have gotten psych help and the hospital should have been investigated. My supervisor one of the serial bullies told the police I was not allowed to be admitted to the hospital, it is in the police report. I was sent home alone suicidal while the pharmacist said, “This was not done by a sane person” and a psychologist said I should be admitted. Then I became very ill with my multiple health problems and was trapped in hell. That began a decade of severe trauma and then I left [Alaska] bringing legal files to work on cases. Later the corrupt DA orchestrated an arranged wrongful arrest by corrupt officers of the court which resulted in my property being stolen or put out in the rain and my cat starved and tortured three days after I filed an appeal.

[This happened in 2005 and Indian Health Services has just recently finally acted to do something about the horrible health care of the Alaska Natives and the lack of mental health treatment for the many traumas they suffer. They knew about the problems for years. A.G. Loretta Lynch came to Alaska and met with Native women about the rapes and lack of prosecution of the men who perpetrate them. This is one of the reasons I have severe PTSD as I went to war with the police in Nome Alaska over this and the dumping of drunks on me in the emergency room. I have written about this and many other issues for years while ignored, sabotaged and under surveillance. I was forced into homelessness for being a whistleblower.]

It now appears these evil bastards running this shelter of freezing cold and intentional hypothermia have thrown my files away. This homeless shelter of evil is certainly no surprise to me, but my goal even if it kills me is to expose them.
So the abuse at Interfaith Sanctuary and this recent theft of my property clearly engineered by a psychopath whose story is going to be that it was just a random accident because that is what they do, add a layer of incompetence to use as cover for their actions has triggered the PTSD severely. That is what Dan wanted and that is what the administrative staff at the Interfaith Sanctuary have allowed him to do knowingly. How can such people as this be allowed to operate a shelter for vulnerable homeless people?
Last night I went back to the shelter and immediately took a shower because I did not feel well and was exhausted having been very ill mostly from the abuse of a particular shelter staff and his minions. I probably have a secondary infection at this point, but the viral part is starting to clear. I get out of the shower room and go to the mirror in the bathroom and I see a woman wearing my robe which indicates an obvious emergency situation. I was then treated like shit by Dan, Tim and some woman because I am not allowed to be concerned or angry about theft and abuse according to the psychopathic thinking of this shelter. 

[This has happened multiple times over and over.]
The extremely abusive first night I was at the Interfaith Sanctuary it was not possible to even get what I needed from my suitcase due to hypothermia and being forced to stand for long periods of time due to POTS and ME/cfs while being targeted by illogical male bullies who clearly have a dislike for women. With those illnesses there are issues with standing and pooling of blood so that my brain does not perfuse appropriately, then I can’t think or function. Then I also have Hashimotos Thyroiditis which causes intolerance to cold and Raynaud’s which causes the clamping down of blood vessels due to cold cutting of circulation. They put me in danger and the more I said that the more abusive they got. Part of the problem is discrimination against women and the usual scenario of a Zimbardo nightmare in this kind of situation with weak people overseeing what goes on. They even use the prison manipulation of telling people to file grievances, who can’t guess where that will go.
On top of all of this I have to get health care at the local clinic of incompetence for the poor in Boise. I have been round and round with the medical director who is a family practice doctor who LOL claims his main practice is mental health. That makes no sense, but could explain why the clinic gives out masses of psych meds., wonder if he gets kick backs from Big Pharma? He worked for Multicare in Tacoma, I worked at three of the hospitals they own now. Research is pending.

[I did file grievances which were totally ignored and Dan Ault lies about emails I send him. The former director just ignored everything. Terry Reilly Clinic fired me as a patient for trying to get appropriate health care. If I had gotten it perhaps the frostbite from last winter might not have happened. I was also quite unhappy about being given two misdiagnoses within five minutes of seeing one of their doctors and then even more pissed after talking with their medical director. These diagnoses could not have been made in five minutes even if they were true and they are not. I will be posting more about that.]

I was not allowed to access my property in my suitcase without staff, was promised almost on a nightly basis for the last 2 weeks I could put the stuff in my personal bin into the suitcase and get the things I needed out of the suitcase to go into the bin, but the only time the guy was available I had a high fever and just could not do it. I now realize through much of that the suitcase was probably gone anyway. They caused the high fever with their abuse and any distress they can cause me makes them happy. Dan sees me as a danger because I know what he is, he has figured this out even though he is not as psychopaths go even a very clever one. 

Of course I was very concerned about my property from my arrival but was treated like a silly ass for this by the staff and have complained to the administrative office including the fact that the lock was off the door to the electronics cupboard and the door left opened without anyone standing there, then treated like a silly ass again with staff saying inane things to me like, “Your things are safe” when even a moron could figure out that is a massive security problem. They tell me lies like nothing ever gets stolen, but people have things stolen there all the time and even if I don’t know that, duh the place is full of addicts and a secondary issue with addiction is stealing things. Their system of unsecured plastic bins is also worrisome. The administrative office has just blown off all of my concerns and they repeat the same things over and over, never taking any action to fix the problems.

[I had two cameras stolen out of the electronics cupboard. Last summer the filthy plastic bins in the storage building and the electronics cupboard were over run with mice. The plastic bins have holes in them so they can heat the property inside to kill bedbugs. Mice went into the holes and chewed up property and some died in people's bins. I put duct tape over the holes of one of mine, one plastic bin I brought with me had no holes and then duct taped the lids, this was also for the vandalism and thefts that occur. They eventually found property that had been sitting in the electronics cupboard a while that had mouse corpses stuck to them. My plastic bins are in that building where the odor of the dead mice was nauseating. One night a very drunk man was assigned to monitor the electronics cupboard, yea things like that happened. Every night whoever is assigned generally sits and smokes there so all who need to go into that area must breathe second hand cigarette smoke, this includes children. Yes, many of the parents there do smoke around their kids. People even walk into the building smoking and I do say something because I have had to become a severe bitchwoman with some of the people.]

So I go to Dan the psychopath, program manager (who is also a pathological liar of course who told me he was the executive director) [when I asked to speak to her] who has been threatening and bullying me for weeks along with his minions and express my extreme concern for my suitcase and it's contents due to someone wearing my robe. He asks if I would like to go check it and I say yes. He then immediately disappeared leaving me standing there for a long period of time with no explanation, psychopath 101, do something to upset the target, make them angry so you can use that against them, give them a double message so they can’t figure out what is going on, be as disrespectful as possible and then blame them.
So a woman at the desk finally takes me outside acting all indignant about it and the guy who helped torture me the first night and did not put my name on my property per their own policy and procedure the first night I was there was the one looking for my things. The result was very predictable. I mentioned that my name had not been put on the suitcase but it was all over the inside. He made a nasty remark about how he would not have allowed his suitcase to be put in storage with other people’s things without his name on it. But he was the guy who did not follow the policy and do what he was supposed to do that first night and would not allow me to get my things out, forced me to stay outside in the freezing cold and then HE DID NOT PROPERLY LABEL THE BINS OR THE SUITCASE, probably because I specifically asked him to. Now he is trying to blame me for it, oh no I have no control over what these assholes do. I finally got my bins labeled after some effort and you know why, because Jeffrey was on and he is not an asshole. 

[I was sad when Jeffrey left.]

Whatever happens the target is never successful because they will change the rules or use sabotage to prevent that. That first night I had to listen to XXX’s crazy blaming right wing talking points of abuse. So he throws a fit because at some point I say, "OK, I'll call the f-ing police then." Then later Dan the psychopath shows up and starts to illogically berate me because I was angry, you know the anger he intentionally causes so he can use it against me. They did not do what they were supposed to do, they most likely gave away and threw away my property, but he keeps blaming me for it, nope I have nothing to do with your crime obvious psychopath.

[This was a homeless man whose name I redacted, but he was so abusive I probably shouldn't have. When there are serial bullies running an organization, they have minions who do dirty work and gather intel for them. This creates layers of bullies, I called them the good old boys.]

Dan is the main problem as psychopaths do not do the work at hand which is why the place is a cluster, they have him in charge. His agenda was to get himself into a position of power so he could bully vulnerable people and the executive director of Interfaith Sanctuary has to know this. Non-profits have a high rate of psychopath employees and those in charge never listen as they fall for the mask of sanity, mask of pretend empathy the psychopath wears for them. She also knows about the specific abuse that has been going on as I have contacted their office of massive ignoring of the concerns of homeless people. Dan did whatever he could to try and get me to do something he could use against me which did not happen because I know what he is and what he is doing. Instead he ranted about my being angry which of course it would have been odd if I was not and threatened me with the City of Lights (just like he does nearly every night he is there) as I have not been welcome at the Interfaith Sanctuary from the day I got there and he has been trying to run me off. 

It should be noted that I have no issues with other staff at all when Dan is not there because there would be no reason they are not psychopaths who are threatened by my recognizing what they are, they have empathy and enforce the rules in a non-abusive way.

[The lack of problems with other staff was not entirely true as there was a Tim who at that time was supposed to be helping people find jobs, LOL, who now seems to be at the admin level who on many occasions has bullied me and screamed at me. Then there is another male staff who works only part time who also screamed at me and committed an ADA violation which I have discussed with the US Attorney. There were occasions of both Tim and Dan bullying me at the same time. In fact a recent bullying episode by Tim is the reason I am finally posting this material that I have been writing for almost a year now. He was also bullying others who will not challenge them. People can't imagine how much courage I have after going through unbelievable hell for over a decade. Even before that I went to war with drug dealing cops (who also sold guns to the Sinaloa Cartel) and a predatory health care corporation that was committing Medicaid fraud to the tune of $350,000,000 and was almost killed by the cops. Two good cops protected me.]

He stopped looking for the suitcase and claims it could still be there. That does not make sense for a couple reasons. First of all a woman was wearing my robe last night which is unusual, second the suitcase is regular sized and not apparent in the outbuilding which it should be even in the huge pile of crap they have created. They have these unheated storage sheds for storing things, my suitcase was placed in the third one, I saw it one time when I went in to get documentation for medical care with a social worker. They decided to combine a bunch of stuff without telling anyone what they were doing. I have been told by a witness that they went in the third building and threw a bunch of personal property away without notifying people or giving notice that they were moving property to a different building. In Boise Idaho homeless people are treated like garbage. That was a criminal act. The chance that my suitcase is still there is about zero, but since I called the police Dan wanted to tell them it could still be there so he stopped looking. That fourth building is a hell of a mess, with crap just all piled together. It is truly unbelievable how that shelter is run and how people are treated.

What I had in that suitcase that was most valuable was my files with the medical records I was reviewing for the legal case with Providence Hospital, I can get the records but months of work is gone. There is also the copy of my recent brain MRI, and other medical records I need. Then I also had the files for the case against Laurawood Arms, the documentation which I collected over a period of years is all gone and irreplaceable. There is also part of the case against the state of Alaska, but much of that is in Alaska, thank goodness. Then there were all of my crochet hooks, my hand stitching tools, a hand applique quilt square that was partially done, a book of crochet patterns it took me years to find, summer clothing, toiletry items, nutritional supplements, I don't remember if both thermoses were in there or the plastic bin, my spring and summer jackets and much more. I will probably remember more as time goes on and I need things, there were OTC meds, nutritional supplements and my inhaler. 

[Since then I found the quilt square and some sewing tools. I went without my nutritional supplements for a long time as it takes quite a while to accumulate them due to the expense. That is one reason I got so sick I felt that I was going to die last winter.]

My robe was home made so I knew my property had been compromised.
I told the woman who had my robe she could have it, she did not take it they put it in the clothing donations at the day shelter. She is severely mentally ill and felt like she was being accused so let her have it. I did take a picture to document that she had it because that proves they went in the suitcase and went through my property which had files with my name all over the documents demonstrating this was done with intention by Dan and his group of all male female targeting minions. No court would not understand this. Women are treated like second class citizens, talked down to in an abusive way and not allowed to bring hardly any toiletry items in to shower with. They do let us go first in line for some odd reason however. So I had almost no sleep last night when I was ill and trying to go to bed early because people of evil intent run this homeless shelter and harm people intentionally. 

[In the warehouse type homeless shelters women are often a second thought as many women go to the domestic violence programs etc. The warehouse shelters were often originally set up for men and then many court cases forced them to take women. I don't know the history with this shelter however. When I arrived at the Interfaith Sanctuary the staff was all male, now there are women. I bitched about it then. The women are also often located in a place in the building where there are issues such as lots of noise and light. At the Interfaith Sanctuary the women are across from the laundry and the machines run until midnight, then there are the detergent and bleach fumes which cause allergies and vasomotor rhinitis. The brooms are located right across from the entrance so there is quite a bit of noise. On top of this the bathroom door is right there by the dorm entrance which is an open door and it makes a very loud slamming noise every time it closes except when myself and some other women hold onto it and close it gently so as not to disturb others. This problem could be easily fixed. There are also only three spots on the floor for women while there are two rooms of floor for men. They want to force women to go to City of Lights which the homeless women call Jesus Jail. Women will walk around dangerously all night to avoid going to Jesus Jail.]

[That woman whose property was taken came to Alaska with a backpack filled with stuff only related to survival and finding a job and many people come to Boise for the same reason. This shelter is in Anchorage Alaska and I thought the main problem there was the backwards-ness of Alaska and racism against the Alaska Natives. No, the same story plays out in many places here in the lower 48. I filed over 200 grievances at that shelter and went to the mayor's office to report the goings on every day they were opened. We even had some protests. The voice messages I left were generally also ignored. Eventually they did something really stupid that cost the soup kitchen $20,000 and they had to close for a couple weeks. Then people believed me about them, it only cost $20,000 in donated food for that to happen. I have documentation of a man nearly being killed and no staff being around at BFS. Recently in their entryway a man's neck was slashed but he is apparently OK. I was tortured by a psychopath on evening shift there and after years of reports of the abuse especially against the women and even my own medical records which contained lies from him given to staff at the hospital he was fired. The non-profits are in most states un-regulated and allowed to intentionally harm the homeless. Predatory people often end up in positions to prey upon the vulnerable at shelters. When the homeless person tells their story they are not believed, especially if they are mentally ill, have dementia or are addicted.]

I had to wait for the cops so long that the POTS kicked in and I had to lay down, an arrhythmia
developed, etc. so they said they would call when they arrive. Dan just like a bully boss would do got to the cops first, I mentioned to the cops that it was not appropriate for them to speak to him first as I called them for a theft he perpetrated. So I gave them the information for the police report and they tacked on the story of my almost being killed a few days ago by a driver that they had ignored intentionally. I asked why law enforcement did nothing about drivers almost running us down all the time and got no response, but when I said Boise’s drivers were “assholey”, they agreed. 

[Several times even though I am very cautious I was nearly killed by drivers. One day a cop cut in front of me on a cross walk where I had the light. It was stunning.]

Had to sleep across from the woman who had my robe hanging off her bunk last night, but there was not much sleeping. This triggered my PTSD and kept me crying most of the night. No one cared because for that to happen empathy would have to occur.
So now I have to sue these assholes, especially since the admin staff have been contacted about the property security issues and completely ignored me and have allowed Dan's abuse of so many. This was very predictable based on the evil intent of the program manager Dan.
At one point I told someone my suitcase was gone and that Dan had probably done it intentionally considering everything that has happened and the verbal abuse from him which is a type of domestic violence. Some minion told him I said that and he came up and threatened to throw me out of the shelter. I did nothing wrong, I never missed a night there, I do my chores even when very ill unlike so many others and I have been abused by him and others under his influence, he and his minions did many things wrong. I have every right to say what I want about the crime they committed against me, his attempts to threaten me and control me will not work. 

[The threats from Dan have continued and recently gotten much worse. He follows me and makes strange remarks. More on that to come.]

Shame on all of them for treating homeless people in the many brutal ways that they do while wearing the mask of empathy and humanity for the public, shame on all of them for allowing Dan to harm people when they know about it. Shame on the people of Boise for allowing this.
Dan is an ass and when I say this to people they always say yes, including other employees. That is because it is quite severe. They however do not have the courage to stand up to him or stand up and tell the administrative staff what he is. That is very common in workplace bullying of which I have no doubt they are on the receiving end of, people keep their heads down hoping they will not be targeted rarely doing anything to assist the targets which in this case are vulnerable homeless people being used and abused by some sick people.

[Dan is now the director and has gotten a man who is over HR at a corporation to be president of the board. I know what that means about this man as I am an expert on workplace bullying and have been a union organizer. Human resources are not on the side of employees; they are only there for the corporate interests. When workplace bullying is reported to HR, they figure out how to step it up and constructively discharge the employee. He is also a lawyer. This means he will help them figure out how to get away with the abuse.]

He told me I could not say negative things about him or he would throw me out. Here is a negative thing Dan, you should have been fired a long time ago, way before I arrived and the fact that this did not happen indicates that the main problem with Interfaith Sanctuary may be higher than you. How dare they act like they care about people, I suspect those running this shelter are doing it because it is an easy job and they can wear the hat of the good guy without actually having to be good. Evil is as evil does. There is no respect what-so-ever for the people who stay at Interfaith Sanctuary from Dan, his minions such as Tim or apparently the administrative staff that blew me off so many times. I fell on the ice during a conversation with one of them who did not even bother to ask if I was OK. 

Dan and the Interfaith Sanctuary need to be sued for slander and harassment as well as the monetary damages that were done to me with malice. There is massive cruelty and psychological trauma which just makes me sicker and triggers the PTSD. I would imagine there has also been libel. Dan stood in a group of people and said I never say thank you for anything which is the opposite of the truth. He slanders people to change the thinking of others which is part of the process of mobbing by his minions. He’s a real sick bastard. Dan pulls this kind of crap and then threatens the person who speaks up to tell others about it with being thrown out of the shelter.

I suspect multiple people had their property stolen by these people but most are afraid to say anything. One man stormed out of the building yelling, “Fucking thieves” and stormed off the property obviously having had his property taken. He had been gone, I had not. I am not psychotic, I am not impaired by drugs or alcohol, I am intelligent and educated. This means they will not be getting the response from me you hoped for. Instead I will tell the story far and wide and see them in court. 

[Since then I witnessed many instances of people's property being thrown out even when they had stayed at the shelter consecutive days. Others also had their suitcases come up missing when mine did and they were lied to. I told them the truth. Always the aggrieved party is treated like they are the problem, threatened and often thrown out of the shelter. These are often people who have nothing else in the world and have lost that little bit of property. They also have made a rule that people can't dig their things out of the dumpster and threaten to call the police on them. One day I chanted, "Leave her alone" over and over about a woman being stopped while desperately trying to find her things.]

This is really sick stuff allowed by the mayor of Boise, the administration staff at Interfaith Sanctuary and the people of Boise who elected Mayor Bieter. Let the repercussions begin for these evil people. Dan is at war with the homeless and has no business working with people in any capacity. I will do whatever I can to make sure the public knows this story. Are there no laws governing homeless shelters in Idaho? Why are staff allowed to steal from the homeless who often have meager possessions to begin with?

[ Are there no laws governing homeless shelters in Idaho? No there are none.]

I go to the Continuum of Care meetings and went to the Homeless Coalition meeting, there is not going to be much help with low income housing being available or the landlord prejudices against social disabilities which prevent people from finding housing. In my case, most of the negative isn't even true and my civil cases I was working on to prove this were taken from me. That nearly killed me. I am very angry about all of it and have been writing about what happened in Alaska on another blog for years. I guess I must write about it here as well.

Me leaving the Interfaith Sanctuary if I ever get housing which I seriously doubt for many reasons.

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