Saturday, November 26, 2016

Harassment and Near Loss of Bed Due to Obvious Retaliation

The first part I took from a previous post on April 23rd, the rest was written on April 25th as posted.  April 25th is the day Judge Ben Esch or as I called him Judge Ex Parte Esch died, the judge from Nome Alaska who participated in a conspiracy to have me wrongfully arrested and imprisoned three days after I filed an appeal in a case of injustice. He was the judge who was found to have shown favortism in case of one of the Fairbanks Four, Eugene Vent. That was nothing compared to what he did in my case. On that day another type of injustice was attempted at the Interfaith Sanctuary.

Explanations of things I mention in the post:

The guy who says he will not discuss my suitcase is Dan who just last night feigned he couldn't even remember it. He also said that when I first came to the shelter I said I got everything I ever needed at the shelter in Alaska. See my previous post to understand that is most certainly not what I said. The social worker I refer to is Tim. I can't edit the errors as this is from screen shots. The story about the food and motorcycles was some biker club who came and had a barbecue. A bunch of us were in line and they suddenly just stopped serving food. They all got on their motorcycles to leave, revving them and she runs over to them because all men got attention from her and we were all looking at each other like what is going on. They then leave and she knows we were standing there in line for food and is dinking around. I ask her what is going on, that we are in line for the food and the guys left. She says they ran out of food and went to get more. I said no they didn't, they left and BTW they had. She just left us standing there, it was so bizarre. The fan bully was a woman who stayed up most of the night on her tablet, put a comforter over herself and turned a fan on her bed because she was too hot. The comforter was to hide the tablet. But I was in the bunk above her with a fan on the ceiling over me, so that second fan aimed at that fan caused a wind storm on my bunk causing nose bleeds, a sore throat, chapped lips etc. I complained about this for months and they took no action, in fact they didn't even take the time to come in and see what was going on in the middle of the night. There was other bullying that went on along with it from multiple women in the dorm with them frequently saying, "Snitches get stitiches." The staff knew about that too. They finally moved ME to another bed. I like that bed better and the snitches get stitches crap ended. There was a lot of threatening crap including a woman who would just talk crazy crap at me, they poured coffee on my plastic bins several times, pulled the duct tape off and put garbage on them. That went on for months.

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