Friday, November 25, 2016

After They Destroyed My Work Towards Justice and Housing I Promised Dan Ault at the Interfaith Sanctuary About a Year Ago To Stay and Document the Abuse and Craziness, Then Did It

I have been an activist around workplace bullying, prison reform and justice reform along with political blogging for years. I helped get rid of two serial bullies at Brother Francis Shelter in Anchorage Alaska. The psychopathic one was finally fired after harming/torturing homeless people for years. They knew and allowed it. The public has no idea that most homeless shelters due to the clients being mostly invisible, being treated as pariahs and being blamed for their plight are managed by bullying and it can be very brutal and inhumane. Here is an article written by the amazing of Alaska Public Media which discusses some of my efforts. There were several of us who spoke up about the bullying which actually was also torture. I was generally the main target just like at the Interfaith Sanctuary due to my personality making me an immediate target. The co-serial bully of the fired abuser was eventually made to heel. I wrote over 200 grievances which were ignored and left phone messages at night to the director of Catholic Social Services while sobbing, the Archbishop had a nasty woman blocking anyone from telling him about the abuse, so I stopped any priest I saw and told them what was going on. Anne Hillman who wrote the above article eventually came and spent a night at the shelter. The reporters in Boise are spineless. There were two who I tried to convince that telling the truth about how the homeless are treated would be of great service. They then went in the one person bathroom where we were together so I could not hear them discuss what they were working on. I said, "Did you two girls get your hair and makeup straightened out?"

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This was just a tiny sampling. Then there was the political stuff and making fun of politicians, especially Sarah Palin. I am waiting to see if Donald Trump appoints her, it would be comedian heaven, the Wasilla Hillbillies in Washington D.C. 

I was tortured, harassed and abused at the Interfaith Sanctuary last November starting the day I arrived. My civil cases and FOIA requests I had been working on for years to restore my good name, get justice, expose evil corrupt people and fix problems that made it difficult for me to rent housing due to social disabilities were taken from behind a locked door and thrown in the dumpster without informing myself or the others whose property was in long term storage that they were doing so. How is it there are no laws regulating these non-profit industrial complex shelters of abuse? I insisted the Boise Police Department do their job and investigate the theft of my property which included more than those files. Lies and BS to try and blame me for their unethical and criminal behavior were spread around. 
Dan Ault tried to run me out of the shelter starting immediately and it has not stopped for a year, it continues. I was the victim and he should have been run out of the shelter not me. I told him that rather than go over to Jesus Jail instead I would stay and document what went on there. AND I DID FOR A YEAR. 

There is no doubt Dan thought I was full of crap, but he did not know who I am, a very determined, justice and truth seeking person who believes that our country should treat everyone with respect and kindness. This should certainly be true for the homeless who rather than what the neoliberals and neocons would like the public to believe, and many, many do, are mostly not the parties responsible for their homelessness. The mentally ill, addicted, intellectually impaired, elderly and disabled have had services restricted, did not get the help they needed, no low income housing was built for three decades and facilities where many could have been looked after were closed. Then the areas in the cities where old hotels, boarding houses and other low cost housing were located were gentrified creating more homeless people out of those barely surviving on the edges of society.I actually searched for monthly hotels and boarding houses all over the country with no luck, they are gone.

The plan was to take what I had written and put it into a book, but I nearly died last winter. Certainly no responsibility has been taken to try and prevent the spread of pathogens in the shelter, but instead they do what they can to insure their spread. Considering I have immune system problems and there is no housing despite what Dan Ault or Tim say, then the events of last night made all of this very clear to me, I may die, so will be posting much of what I have already written along with current events. 

The abuse continues. If they throw me out of the shelter it will not be for a legitimate reason, but it will not prevent my telling the story as it's already been documented. Really I have quite enough they can stop the assholery any time. 

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