Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Gaslighting From the Director of the First Albertons Store, Joe Albertson Turned Over in His Grave, All Homeless People are Considered Thieves, The Homeless Fun Continues

Yesterday I wrote about my experience being falsely accused of shoplifting at Albertsons. It has been very upsetting to me. I called this morning to request a copy of the video surveillance while I was in the store, the director of that store told me the clerk asking me, what about the lunch meat, was not accusing me of shoplifting, that their employees are trained not to accuse people of shoplifting. She thought I had lunch meat in my bag after presenting her with my purchases, but the director of the store claims that is not an accusation of shoplifting. I told him look, she specifically asked me about lunch meat and then gave me a crazy story about how customers shop, put their purchases into their bags and then take them out at the register to pay for them. No store allows that unless it is one of those obvious shopping bags. He told me people steal backpacks, put their purchases in them and go to the cash register. So do they think I stole the gym bag I have been carrying around in the morning from them? I have never seen backpacks for sale at an Albertson's, in fact one of the reasons I prefer Fred Meyers over them is their very limited stock in the food area. They do have a salad bar where Fred Meyer does not which is one of the main reasons I DID shop there.

He tried to gaslight me by saying that asking someone, what about that lunch meat, is not accusing them of shoplifting. He said the same thing the clerk said yesterday that is really sick and disgusting, "I'm sorry you took it that way." Really!?  Do they think I'm stupid because I can assure them this is not the case and I recognize gaslighting right away. No, she said what she said and according to the director Albertsons trains them to say what she said. The manager further confirmed they train people to play word games in an attempt to accuse and then say the accused is just confused and taking things the wrong way, they are over reacting, yes we said something but you know she is just an ignorant homeless person. Hey, how ignorant to I appear now buddy?

He kept saying someone in their loss prevention department would contact me, no one from Albertsons at the store level or corporate level has contacted me. Why would I need to talk with her as there was no loss, only accusations and gaslighting which is a form of lying and attempted brain washing?

I told this director that judges are pretty smart and would be able to interpret the words she used and that it is an obvious accusation. If they ask if you have anything else that is not an accusation, asking, what about the lunch meat is a specific accusation in which the clerk acknowledged that she believed I had taken lunch meat and secreted it in my duffel bag. So he can kiss my ass. I did tell him that Joe Albertson had just turned over in his grave about what he said to me.

I also asked the manager why the person in charge of the store yesterday did not even bother to ask for my name and phone number when I told him what happened and at that point I was too shocked to even function. I know the answer, so they could make their attempt to just blow me off because they are still trying to do that.

The reason why this happened was I am homeless and they believe as does most of the community that all homeless people are thieves. In Boise most people believe the homeless are all addicts and alcoholics as well, but statistics show it is actually about 1/3 of the homeless population everywhere which is higher that the general 1/10 of the population. Furthermore, some of them were not using chemicals until they were homeless and treated inhumanely. Many of the homeless are traumatized individuals forced to live in a shelter and they are essentially trauma factories, over and over and over until people are just a shell of their former selves.

I certainly found out at the laundromat on 16th about the prejudices against the homeless from businesses. Due to wanting to get away from annoying people at an unstaffed laundromat I left a load of laundry there and called to find out about it. This is when the owner let me know what she thinks about the homeless people she makes her living off of, "It's mostly homeless in that area and they steal everything." Then I told her look lady I'm homeless and do not steal anything." In fact my money has been stolen at two laundromats in Boise and after screwing me they treated me very rudely. At that particular laundromat where lots of homeless people do their laundry the owners charge 25 cents for five minutes of drying, but laundromats in other areas charge 25 cents for ten minutes of drying. Also when setting the washers the price of the load of laundry goes up if you use hot water. HEY LAUNDROMAT LADY, WHO IS THE THIEF NOW?

Meanwhile back in hellish homeless shelter land I was able to sleep longer last night. The ear plugs I got from Walmart did help but apparently the intentional bed bouncing has stopped. I am still exhausted and Albertsons did not help any. I will not shop there as it is obviously not safe for me, so had to walk a long distance somewhere else with ME/cfs, thanks.

In Alaska three days after filing an appeal a prosecutor, a public defender and a crooked judge all working out of the Nome court system and using two sociopathic brothers in Homer Alaska set up a false scenario to have me wrongfully arrested and imprisoned. It included an ex parte hearing that they never informed me of, very unethical. While I was locked up and tortured by the state of Alaska my cat was starved and tortured by one of the sociopaths who stole about half of my property and put the rest out in the rain. They were my landlords in a lodge where I had gone without heat, water, electricity and it was quite unsafe. BTW, those are the kinds of places people who are low income, people like me on Social Security Disability get to live. Bad things happen and we end up homeless over and over, so after a while people just stay homeless as it is less trauma causing even though that causes trauma too. Then all the problems with the places we rent cause bad rental histories because landlords are believed even when everything they say is a lie.

A meth lab was set up there and the other tenants were criminal types. The troopers knew about the meth lab and did nothing, leaving a four year old in the care of one of them. After Alaska and now Idaho it is clear the United States does not care too much about the welfare of children.

The landlords stole from me and did not provide services included in the rent and had been doing this to others for years. I told the police in Homer the story, they falsified a police report, demonized me and took no action allowing one of the meth cooks to sell meth and heroin in Homer for years. I believe it was the part about the prostitution and that they already knew about it, were customers or were involved. All the while the hapless cops in Homer were going, we have no idea why all these businesses are being broken into or where all the meth comes from. Then years later probation/parole out of Anchorage while looking for another guy caught him in their web. They allowed many people to be harmed including the perp who was young and addicted, needing treatment. I have a shitload of stories like this. The point was I was wrongfully imprisoned through corruption of officers of the court to cover up their corruption. They then tried to use the charge as leverage to get me to drop the appeal. I did not cooperate, but it did not matter because as per usual the public defender agency screwed me instead. They had all committed crimes and the lawyers should have all be disbarred. everyone got appointments and promotions. The two sociopaths should have been charged with multiple counts of theft, animal cruelty, filing a false police report and for one of them perjury in court. Oh and he also threatened to hire someone to beat me, so some kind of assault. Nothing happened because those two scumbags would spill their guts about the conspiracy so the assholes of the court protected them. Two of the players are right now trying to become judges and lying their asses off about me.

 I had the post conviction case with me when I left Alaska and the Interfaith Sanctuary threw that one and two others along with documentation from FOIA requests in their dumpster. So what happened at Albertsons has affected me, but if this had not happened I would still be really pissed off.

Last night I come to the shelter and now call the gate where we enter the Brandenburg gate, Ich bin ein Berliner, brown shirts and SS, hehe. When they asked for my bed and locker number I told them but then said that I would rather sleep under a bed in the men's dorm. The student looked very confused and started to tell me that was not an option, but the staff cracked up. Then I explained that had happened and when the men told me in the morning I said that maybe trying that would be a good idea to help me get more sleep due to the crazy crap that goes on in the women's dorm.

This morning was my chore day. Now that we have lockers to put our stuff in rather than just having to leave it sitting outside at the shelter I have much less anxiety while doing them. I generally do not care which one is assigned. I only have problems with aerosolized bleach and if I am having a ME/cfs viral flare etc. and orthostatic doing something with lots of bending over is a problem, but that is not going on now. So I tell him I don't care about which chore. The problem was the bathrooms I was assigned to clean were to close at 7 AM but people in that area of the shelter did not get up and get ready to leave, so they expected me to just stand there and wait while one after another used the bathrooms. I finally started knocking on the door with two of them who did not even bother to hurry. One knocked on the door while I was cleaning and wanted me to come out then fiddle-farted around and the other one did too, then finally left without even flushing the damn toilet. So tired of this. What pissed me off was when staff finally came to intervene he tells me to go sit and calm down. No, I am not the problem, don't blame the messenger and don't make me have to stay there longer due to the actions of others. I was Johnny-on-the-spot to do what I was supposed to do but no one else was, capisce? I am very tired of paying for the sins of others in that shelter. But what really matters to them is my flip-flops in an extra plastic baggie.

Call the BPD an extra baggie was used.

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