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Boise Downtown Library is Untenable for Library Activity, Building a New Library for Millions When This One Can't Be Managed? Homeless Count is Not Accurate, They Did Not Count Me, Others Were Probably Missed, Doubt Anyone Gives a Damn

Update: Fixed errors as it is difficult to write in the middle of a circus, but that is the point of it, yep. 

As I was working on this at the Boise Downtown Library a woman who yesterday at the library went in the bathroom to act strangely and make lots of noise as I was going to micturate before leaving decided to come in and do a noise campaign. Noise campaigns against me are constant at the downtown library in Boise Idaho. I take a chair and sit by a wall to try to protect myself from them. They show up in the stacks doing directed conversation with pretend phone calls. Today a woman got a chair and slammed it down behind me making lots of noise, then came over to where I am sitting and got some Aviation Week and Backwoods Home magazines because they were right next to me sticking her ass in my face. She slammed the deals they put the magazines in around on the shelves intentionally. I said, "If you slam a couple more around you can make some more noise." She says, "Shut up lady." My response was, "I will not shut up." She has a virus, sat behind me, came over here to cough and snort in order to try and give it to me. That happens a lot, people in this library have intentionally sneezed on me, that is an assault. While she did all of this a guy slept in the back corner and for two hours no security guard was seen.

Will the Boise Police do anything about harassment, nope, they don't allow me to file police reports and rather than actual police work send what I call the crazy squad, a cop with a social worker (here in Boise they are actually social engineers). I was already wearing a body camera at all times to record the harassment before I insisted a cop tell me why that social worker was there and he said, "Because we don't believe those stories you tell." Rather than come and do their damn jobs taking a report about harassment they turn the situation around on me, that is so cointelpro of them. The police in Boise have harassed me and so have the Idaho State Police.

The harassment at this library is constant. They have security guards but at times I do not see them for weeks. Yesterday, Sunday two security guards walked by me twice and so did a man dressed like a Mormon before and then after them. I doubt that was them making sure I was not harassed, but instead some kind of surveillance or feigned surveillance on me. This is Allied Security, the same company that does the court house and the parking garage below the apartments I was gangstalked out of. There was all kinds of crap going on and nothing was done about it, so why am I surprised they allow gangstalking at the library since libraries are used by those who run the organized harassment program for just this purpose. It goes on in the library parking lot, especially if leaving after dark because bullies are cowards who hide their identities and license plate numbers in the dark.

I finally had to get up and move and described the situation to the staff. She then wanted to know if she should call security, which has not done one round since I arrived two hours ago. I'm like, already moved and it is useless to call them, useless to go in the office, useless to talk to staff, useless to go to the mayors office. Where I moved which is right next to the desk where the staff is a man was pounding on a table over and over and over. Staff was right next to me at one point. I was like, excuse me do you hear that guy pounding? She said no she could not hear it. Really now? Like I have said before they are all deaf and blind. He continued to pound the table until a man he knows will tell him to knock it off arrived. This crap goes on endlessly.

I call this "library," 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' and can't believe they want to build a new library for all this crap to go on, sanding walking sticks, sleeping, eating chicken wings and then picking up books without washing their hands, dogs coming in without leashes, people sitting in chairs covered in dirt, people sitting with the bottoms of their shoes on the chairs, people who intentionally sit next to me and read books out loud or do pretend phone calls using directed conversations in the stacks as a noise campaign. Those who want to do library things are blocked by all of this.

Millions on a new library and much more, but what little in the budget for affordable housing is used for inappropriate purposes. How can you build a new library when clearly you can't afford to hire appropriate staff to keep the miscreants from blocking people from reading, writing, thinking, after all, you do call this place a library and not a psychiatric facility. I have worked in many psych facilities and when I was the supervisor counseling sessions and quiet time would be assigned for people who act like many in this library do. I have been homeless at the shelter so I do understand how hard that situation is, but this place is off the scale and the staff's attitude is ridiculous. 
The Continuum of Care people claim the number of homeless people has greatly decreased in Boise. It certainly is not due to affordable housing. Recently we found out subsidy money for affordable housing was given to contractors who were building regular apartments and in one case who planned to use part of the units as hotel rooms. Utterly amazing what goes on. They built 40 units for people who need help, supervision and propagandize this as the solution to homelessness. It may be a solution for 40 people, but where are the affordable units for those who just need an apartment that is not filled with gangstalkers, drug dealers and is run by a management company that is both incompetent and abusive. It would also be nice if the police could listen when told there is criminal activity in the building. Also, many apartments around me did not have people actually living in them, they were instead used to stage gangstalking. Those apartments people were not living in decreased the number of units available in the city.

How many apartment complexes in Boise are running gangstalking operations for the DNI/CIA→ FBI→911 call centers with embedded FBI cointelpro staff embedded to divert phone calls, tell police lies about targets, have cops threaten us and harass us.

They just did the homeless count. I'm homeless and on the day they did I was at this damn library and then parked the car I was forced by the criminals in charge of this city to live in an area where homeless people park vehicles to sleep in. No one counted me and I suspect many others were not counted and that was done intentionally. Last year when I was living in the torture chamber called the Civic Plaza Apartments I rarely came to this library which is generally packed with homeless people. I asked all over where the homeless people were, no answers. The United Nations was getting ready to do an investigation of human rights abuse in the United States around homeless people. Many cities paid for tickets sending homeless people to other places. That included contracts that they could not come back for a period of time or ever. There were articles written about Salt Lake City doing this. I assume that happened in Boise. The homeless population seems to have built back up. Saying it has greatly decreased is certainly false. If they did not count me, they certainly did not count others.

Next noise campaign, a rummy goes up to the library desk and begins talking very loudly, gibberish to the staff. She does not even ask him to quiet down. Then a light in the stacks goes off, she is called to the table I am at. I say, "I know you can't see, so I'm telling you the lights just went out over there. All papers are banged loudly on tables, one thing after another done to break concentration. Always when I begin to work people show up to use equipment that makes noise. There is no quiet place in this library to read or do work. I am on the third floor, the one the staff says is more quiet, that is total bullshit. They will mention their so called study rooms which I explain are very noisy. I have used one next to a woman who brings a laptop to watch a movie which is played without earphones loudly, her kids are in the room to play, banging things against the walls and table, then one of them goes in and out the door repeatedly. That was while I was testifying on the phone during a hearing in another state about judge applicants. There is no common courtesy, no respect for people around many of the miscreants here, lots of rude people and I am being intentionally targeted for harassment.

It is not like this at the other libraries. They are smaller, the staff seems to be able to see and hear at the other branches and they don't allow the behaviors that go on here. I have to spend money on gas to go to the others, they have very little seating in many and only a few electrical outlets. Boise's agencies, along with Ada County Housing Association and HUD made sure I was homeless, I have no choice but to use the electricity at the library for electronics. The conditions I have been forced into and my quest for answers to what they hell is going on with all the trauma I have been subjected to in Boise Idaho mean I will be stepping up my public discussions and taking other actions. Just keep it up, because I work best when pissed off.

Normally I do not have a conversation while others are around, but just now I made an exception due to the situation someone is in and considering the circus going on all around what the hell difference does it make here anyway. As I was writing this an elderly man showed up with lots of papers to share the table, I said that was fine if he wasn't going to make lots of noise. Later he told how he was evicted after management where he lived retaliated against him which is illegal. He has documentation of fraud and has been to all the agencies, the same ones I found out either do nothing or are corrupt. How many Boise, how many has this been done to? There should be help for a situation like that, just like the situation I was in. One after another I told him the names of the agencies I was familiar with which should have helped him, he told me what they did and I would go, yea they did the same to me or yea, they are corrupt and on and on. Now I'm going to have to cry. What a city, what a state, what a country.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A FB Post From December 29th 2015, Constant Trauma of the Homeless in Boise Idaho, the Libarary Should Be Called One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

I have experience as Nurse Ratched, restraints and meds all around for everyone.
I have much work due to the constant trauma, harassment and gangstalking started but never published. Today I am very angry about the harassment at the library. The staff does not do anything about most of the problems even when informed. I am very tired of setting up, then having to go ask staff to call security, then security does not show up does nothing or the perpetrator stops their assholery just before they arrive. Then I have to pack up and move. There was a table I sat at sometimes on Sunday away from the other tables, the staff moved it. Years of this. Yesterday noise from behind me, someone laying on the floor. Staff did nothing, no security guard. Tonight I ask the noise maker to please stop, he asked me if I was really there, I said, "No I'm a hallucination." There was a guy on the floor behind me and at least he was quiet. The guy that was sleeping yesterday was quiet too. I sit against a wall by an electrical outlet trying to get away from the problem people in this library and those who come in to intentionally harass me and are allowed by the city of Boise to do so, perhaps even contracted by them. Here is my FB post for today.
He said he didn't really believe me since I was smiling when I said it, part of it is true I am trying to find some kind of protection from the bastards I am exposed to since the City of Boise, the Boise Police Department, the Idaho Housing Finance, HUD, Steadfast Management and at least one government contractor and several Infragard gangster corporate entities of assholery decided to make sure I was homeless again by massively traumatizing me for a year, well much longer than that, but I was at the Civic Plaza Apartments for a year of hell. It is not safe anywhere I go, the park system or parked on the streets at night. There are lots of drugged up drunken crazy bastards in this city and the police gaslight or harass me. The machete comment is due to a woman who lives in a car who posted on the Women's Rubber Tramp Rendezvous FB page that she keeps one. Well, what they hell else can we do and my experience is the BPD is useless, compromised, been given some false information about me and since the city is corrupt as hell they would have to be too.
Celia Harrison
The brutal policies against the homeless in Boise Idaho may kill me. I fell Christmas day after being left out in the freezing cold until hypothermia caused muscle cramping which resulted in muscle tears due to ME/cfs, then of course pulled muscles in my back. Then the single people were disrespected Christmas night by Interfaith Sanctuary. Then I became very ill with what is most likely CMV rebloom due to the onslaught against my immune system, but no one would fathom to do labs to see what it is. The symptoms are really bad flu as ME/cfs immune systems are broken in the area of viruses and then our symptoms are worse than normal people. And after a couple days more of hypothermia I was in the ER on Sunday feeling like I was going to die and hoping I would. Then more hypothermia. On Monday after having to call the frickin medical director at Terry Reilly Clinic I finally got a doctor who has functioning brain cells, waiting for medical records. Have an ear infection, but antibiotics are a problem for ME/cfs so will try to do without them. She ordered me a rescue inhaler as I was bronchospasming all over the place. She asked what she could do to make me feel better and I told her 60 Meqs of KCL rapid IV push would be nice, the burning wouldn’t last long. She refused to euthanize me.
To get the inhaler I had to walk on streets covered in ice as Boise is not familiar with salt unless one is downtown. Salt has apparently been banned in areas where homeless people walk. As I was on the phone talking to the haughty secretary at the Interfaith Sanctuary admin. offices I fell. I said fuck when that happened and she was clearly disturbed by it. Yea I will probably swear anytime I fall on the ice Ms. Haughtiness. So I make it finally and get the inhaler. Then I sat at the library a while trying to warm up and rearrange my backpack. I have not had any bathroom surveillance since I posted about it on FB, interesting.
Then I leave the library a little later than normal as I had fallen and hurt my back more and was very cold. I carefully cross the streets especially if it is dark as they have the most egocentric assholey people driving cars here you have ever seen. I am almost hit by someone every day. People who ride bikes here are in a great deal of danger. I was almost to the middle of an intersection when out of nowhere a car comes way to fast right for me. I could hardly see it so I realized later the headlights must have been off. I tried to jump out of the way sure there was no way I would not be hit and she was going to fast I could easily have died. I was wearing a heavy backpack so I fell backwards right in front of the car and was sure she would run right over me. Fortunately, she finally looked and stopped just in the nick of time. I was lying in the street and began screaming, “Do you people in this city every look, do you know what a cross walk is, you almost killed me…if my laptop is broken.” I was then hysterical as I have almost been hit by a car nearly every day I have been in Boise, it’s way worse than the drunks of Alaska, simply due to egocentric assholes. And what the hell is wrong with the police who do nothing about this, it is a well-known problem.
She never once asked if I was OK, she just said, “I’m sorry" and took off. Considering the headlights being off and the speeding she may have been impaired. So my hands are frozen and I can’t write down the license plate. I kept repeating it over and over. I also could not tell what kind of car or the color due to the darkness. Then later could not remember one of the streets right. I am so sick I should be in a hospital it is a wonder I can stay upright. The dispatcher was not very receptive to my complaint. I was very upset, then she kept talking and I could not accurately remember the license plate number, the first 3 numbers I am sure about. I was also hurt more, even with pulled abdominal muscles as well as more back muscles, carrying a heavy backpack. I expected a cop to come as I had almost been killed and certainly was hurt, but all I got was that one would call me. I got to the sanctuary late of course and then fooling with my frozen things outside took quite a while what with my spasming back and abd muscles. Then I had to wait a long time to get my electronics locked up. Then we have to check in and eat, then I took a shower due to being very ill and spasming muscles. I guess a cop called while I was showering and I did not hear the phone ring. But there were a couple more calls and I did not hear those, my ringer was on, the place is really loud. When I came in I told the guy who was on that I had almost been killed and that I was not liking Boise too much due to the brutal policies against the homeless. I said, “How many have they killed?” The only thing I live for is justice and anger at this point, that is what keeps me going. Fortunately, the guy who was on is Jeffry who is not a bully nor a psychopath, but bossy because he is the boss and that is a good thing. He enforces the rules evenly and not in an assholey way.
I am on a top bunk and managed to climb into it knowing I had to get up and pee again and brush my teeth, but I had to lay down. Right after my last I.C. (interstitial cystitis) pee and tooth brushing was lights out I was almost asleep when the lights came back on. Then I sit up and say, what the heck? The woman on the bottom bunk next to mine pointed at the top one next to me and she was hanging over the edge and there was puke everywhere. I had earplugs in so did not hear and I can’t smell anything right now. People went and got ear plugs sticking them up their noses and one was rubbing deodorant under her nose so it must have been bad. Poor Jeffrey had to come help her and cleaned up the mess. Of course he had to use bleach and then sprayed room deodorizer so then I was awake coughing all night from the chemicals, but not much choice there. Apparently there was a second round of puking that I slept through thank goodness.
Then this morning the bed numbers who were supposed to do chores in the women’s area should have been six, only three of us stayed to do them. So I am very ill and rather beat up and stayed to do my part while others took off. Nice. At least I did not have to deal with the Spiced up woman who bullies me in the storage shed daily this morning. On chore days one can’t get a place to sit unless arriving when the day shelter opens so that is why they don’t do chores. So I am at a coffee shop and before that ate something because I G.I. bleed easily and have to take Ibuprofen to survive today. I am nauseous but managed to eat. I was telling someone this morning what happened last night and they said please make trouble because there is a history of this kind of treatment from BPD. The guy that was on said this bike cop usually comes by in the AM so he would send him to talk to me. He never came and I was very slow getting done.
I called and made a request to speak with the Chief of Police and oh he is just too busy today. So I mentioned discrimination and life being cheap in Boise for homeless people. At one point the secretary asked me what officer came to talk to me, OH NO I WAS TOLD IT WOULD JUST BE A PHONE CALL! No one came to see me. My life is worth nothing in Boise Idaho. Assholes.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Being a Low Income Renter in the US Means Soon You Will Be Homeless. David Rovics' Work on the Subject is Spectacular

Just getting over influenza. The main flu here according to the state of Idaho and the CDC is NIHI, Swine Flu. It was really bad, but I have ME which is why I need to isolate and be careful during the times of year when people concentrate. People with ME have immune system issues and get sicker than others with viruses. It is winter in Boise and through part of the influenza the temperatures at night were in the teens. I was forced to find a car to live in after a year of living at the Civic Plaza Apartments where there were huge problems of harassment, bullying, toxins including cigarette and marijuana smoke in huge quantities, construction, noise and chemical campaigns which were partly done next door in the St. Luke's trailer park. I was terrorized by people who lived there and others who came onto the property constantly, the City of Boise took no action and many of their agencies participated. This is a very obvious government harassment program, the Boise Police did what they could to prevent me from filing police reports about the harassment.

My car sleeping system keeps me warm, getting up is the problem, it's very cold. When ill with the flu, there are many reasons that cause us to get up. Cold does not cause viruses, but once we have one cold depresses the immune system and makes it worse. It is true however that the car was so much better than having the flu while living in the shelter where there would be little sleep, required chores even if very ill, walking around in the freezing cold, no way to lay down during the daytime, abuse from the gangstalkers getting paid to harass me who have lived at the Interfaith Sanctuary for years, abuse from staff and their ignoring problems drunks cause in the dorm, etc.

They also stole my suitcase from me at the Interfaith Sanctuary which contained files I needed including evidence of a government harassment operation in Soldotna Alaska run by Greg Russell, retired cop, Mason and member or other organizations related to police and firemen which participate in government harassment. Then there was the rest of the Russell crime family. After having had people follow me who were interested in my suitcase just before I left Alaska and one who saw into my suitcase then immediately took off, then the same suitcase disappeared off a Greyhound bus after I saw suits standing in a semi-circle around the luggage compartment in Spokane and the Asian guy in their crazy food bar at the Spokane Greyhound bus station sabotage me so I would be preoccupied, then Greyhound treated me like garbage and the suitcase was returned a couple days later with stuff rearranged.

There are a large number of witnesses involved in that crazy story from Soldotna, if they are subpoenaed the story can easily be formulated. Word is the participants are forced to sign agreements never to disclose the targeting of an individual.

Exposure to viruses at the soup kitchen and library is high and many times this has been done intentionally in my case. Those who live in the shelters who become ill have no place to go other than the day shelter or library. There is no infirmary situation for those who need to rest or to keep those with the flu compartmentalized from the community and help prevent them from having complications. There are large numbers of smokers and some alcoholics among the homeless along with lack of ability to rest or even do basic self care such as eat soup, this means complications from serious viral infections are huge.

I agree with David Rovics, if the Yellow Vest movement comes to the United States it will be about housing. Certainly a huge part of the problem is the crappy pay which does not cover rent and food. That is also a very much engineered problem used for the same purposes as the high rents. It all works together.

In the United States the housing problem was engineered by the oligarchy and their minion legislators. It was done for profit, control, genocide of the poor, to destroy families of particular races, to cause large numbers of people to become addicted secondary to the opioid targeting program and of course to supply inmates for the prisons for mass incarceration, slave labor and further destruction of individuals, their families and communities.

This country belongs to "We The People," not the oligarchy, not the big banks, not President Trump who doesn't say one damn word about the housing crisis or do a damn thing about it. All he can do is focus on the one issue his overlords have given him, the fucking wall, which facilitates the thinking on the right that others are causing our problems. Those homeless people coming here from other countries did not cause the homelessness in this country. The deep state and the oligarchy who uses the intelligence agencies and DOD as their own personal ARMY, along with their servant politicians, the Democrats, the Republicans, the citizens who did nothing to educate themselves about current events and now believe QLARP propaganda etc. are the cause.

Here in Boise we had to listen over and over to city hall stating building more apartments would bring the cost of housing down. First of all that takes many years to accomplish, second, the lower cost only affects those who have the higher incomes to rent with. This demonstrates they don't give a dam about the poor in this city. There is no effect on affordable housing. Action has to be taken to encourage builders to build housing the poor can rent. The government could legislate programs and it can be done on the city, county, state or federal level. The 40-45 units recently built here in Boise like in cities all over the country are projects to save the city money, the residents of them are people who use EMS and police resources a lot and cause problems. If there wasn't that saving money factor those supervised, Housing First Apartments would have never happened. Their willingness to just say building more apartments will solve the problem when it will not indicates not giving a damn.

One of the main issues with why I am homeless right now is that federal agencies and the local housing finance corp did not do their jobs, this would be HUD related. In Soldotna Alaska it was USDA RD related, but the state did not do their jobs either. The same story plays out for targets all over the country. There is a massive issue with lack of listening and believing the truth in Boise with the officials here. That is why I wore body cameras for months before leaving the Civic Plaza and in the community, still wear them sometimes.


Friday, November 30, 2018

What I Wrote About the Torture at the Civic Plaza Apartments in Boise Idaho Before Leaving October 1st

Double posting this from my gangstalking/government harassment blog.

I have been living in a car and sometimes harassed, including in the park system in Boise Idaho since October 1st. I wrote what is below before I left my apartment after nearly a year of a continuous heavy organized harassment program at the Civic Plaza Apartments and in the community. I could not walk down the street without police cars showing up, I could not go to a store without directed conversation, blocking, harassment with shopping carts, crazy skits. Same taking the bus or riding my bicycle.

Shame on everyone who participated in this criminal activity and shame on our government. You are all criminals, losers, evil. 

I have a long history of trauma, layer after layer which has resulted in PTSD. It was caused intentionally and the layers of trauma continue in Boise Idaho very intentionally by a network of people who are very disturbed. There are layers of law enforcement, security contractor handlers and an army of weaponized morons which include community policing. I have been stalked and harassed the whole time I've lived here. I will be writing much more about this situation.

After being homeless for about 2.5 years I finally got an apartment which was not easy considering part of the cointelpro stalking and harassment program is disrupting and discrediting the target. I was sabotaged by them whenever I was working on renting a place. Odd things would happen. They spread false rumors about the target so that those we are working with sabotage any process. They even go in stores and tell them we are shoplifting to cause problems.

There is a hell of a lot more about this program to explain, but I have a lot to do trying to find a car to live in and get a drivers license to get the hell out of the Civic Plaza where I have been targeted, harassed, kept from sleeping, been made ill with chemicals over and over and over. The harassment was done by people already in place here, by people who came from outside the apartments, from the St Lukes trailer park and apparent truck stop next door, from apartments rented using people's documentation and then they do not live here, just show up whenever I mention they don't live here to Idaho Housing Finance.

Those apartments have been used to stage gangstalking and it is happening all over the world. The staff who have never done their jobs, treated me like garbage, said they would notify me of painting, carpet glue etc before I signed the lease, THEY LIED, THEY LIE! The manager has repeatedly lied to me including quite recently about many things. I tried to be nice at first, showing the videos and discussing the problems, they allowed people to intentionally do noise campaigns, go into my apartment, forced us to endure repeated frequent weaponized fire alarms, there were leaks, OMG the damn leaks, over and over and over, with the carpet tiles removed and the blowers for weeks. Then there was the rehab campaigns, hammering and machines above me and next to me and not even any notice it would happen. I was told of painting one time, THAT WAS IT! THEY LIED!

I had sour cat litter odor and cat poop odor wafting in my bathroom and bedroom. Due to the bedbugs, the odor and the person below me slamming something throughout the night that went boom and then shook the building and the person above me running into the bedroom between 1 and 3 AM jumping up into the air and slamming down over where I slept, going into the kitchen and bathroom to open and slam drawers and cupboards over long periods of time over and over and over, then add the person upstairs for hours at night rolling something back and forth on the floor that makes lots of noise while the one downstairs played loud music. Upon finding out this was going on the management did not do a damn thing about it, they allowed me to be kept up all night so I had to sleep during the day. Then they did rehab construction campaigns and used tons of chemicals all around. I needed to know about the chemicals but was only told once.

The gangstalking was unbelievable, flash mobs in the elevators, when I came out of my apartment they ran down the hall upstairs, got into the elevator and pushed all the buttons or crowded it to make me wait a long time. People would wait when I came back until I was close to the elevator door and hurry over to get in front of me, exiting cars they were waiting in or coming from around corners with an unleashed dog to jump all over me in the elevator or to blow e-cigarette chemicals on me or just flash mob me, over and over.

The elevators were often out of order, when the freight elevator is not working it is hard to get bicycles downstairs and that means there is only one elevator so the flash mobs are worse with the people who really live here and actually need to use the elevator. There are no cameras in the lobbies, so all kinds of crap goes on. But, it makes no differences as management does not look at them or give a damn about security. When I first got there water poured in the lobby on my floor and puddles made in the elevators. I told the staff that was gangstalkers simulating leaks, leaks are one of the tactics they use to psychological torture people and cause financial problems for the owners of homes. Greg Russell engineered my toilet to leak in Soldotna Alaska while lying that it was going to be replaced. He lied about everything.

I had a Rottweiler lunge at me one day when the elevator opened, no leash as per usual for around here, that dog probably did not even live here but was around all the time. Someone also brought a pit bull on the property to do the same thing. These dogs were paraded around when I went outside. I am not afraid of these breeds and have had a pit bull myself, but the owners used them to menace me. They were heavily used in Garden City when I rode my bike on the Greenbelt Trail, same dogs were used by different people. They waited for me to come by on my bicycle and then charged out of the bushes in an attempt to cause me to crash.

I am ill from the cigarette and marijuana smoke. My neighbor due to their inspections I am guessing had her son come and clean the carpet and there were paint fumes, this must be to cover the pot and cigarette smoke as it is done around certain times. The staff has known for a very long time people smoke in their apartments and the elevators and in front of the elevators, they don't give a damn and Bridget, the manager told me she can't control what people do. Should such helpless people be in charge of apartment buildings filled with people who can't behave themselves? Her attitude, the attitude of Steadfast Management, the city of Boise and Ada County all match. The last time I called Ada County Housing Finance Corp I was gaslighted, so to hell with them all, the truth will be told publicly.

There has been a campaign for over a decade to force me into homelessness.

In Alaska I was wrongfully arrested and imprisoned which resulted in my cat being starved and tortured, half of my property was stolen and the rest put put in the rain by one of those who participated in the conspiracy. There were officers of the court in another village than the one I was in who also participated. Because of my intelligence and my ability to cause, a shit storm they had to drop that charge and I was finally released. I now understand that kind of operation is done to targeted individuals all over this country and the world. They often harm pets.They did that to the Christys in Pennsylvania last June when they raided their home knowing the person they had the warrant for Shawn Christy, an illegal warrant, was not there and they did not seize the evidence that warrant was intended to collect. They have lots of cats and it resulted in Shawn's cat dying, his specific cat. They were trying to cause Shawn to become a shooter as they have done for years. They do the same tactics on targets everywhere.

My cat was very ill after I was wrongfully imprisoned in Alaska, my property stolen and damaged. The perpetrators were never charged with the large number of crimes against me, including filing a false police report, court perjury, animal cruelty, several thefts, slander, conspiring to violate my rights and threatening to hire someone to beat me. The AK State Troopers refused to allow me to file police reports just like the Boise Police Department, SOP everywhere for targets ofgovernment harassment programs. There is much to that story.

They made a big mistake having me wrongfully incarcerated because I was a nurse who was mostly critical care, but also other specialties including the supervisor of a psych unit, worked with mentally ill legal offenders and worked in the infirmary of two prisons. I wrote about the conditions, poor nutrition and abuse that went on including what was done intentionally against myself. The truth, real journalism, telling one's own story of injustice is not allowed in the United States, we do not live in democracy, we do not have freedom of speech and those who go against the propaganda are sadistically attacked on many levels.

Writing the truth about many things that had happened resulted in a massive gangstalking campaign against me in Soldotna Alaska organized by a retired psychopathic cop and his sick family, the Russell crime family. I was not their only victim. I believe This man Greg Russell was a government contractor. This is also quite a story, they put the mother of one of the higher ups at the DOC in an apartment next to me in a senior and disabled USDA RD complex to begin noise and chemical  campaigns and more, she moved her grandchildren in. I did not know what gangtalking was at that time. I just knew the elderly women who had issues like dementia were being organized and used hand signals like a gang. I put a surveillance camera up to try and figure out what the hell they were doing. They went after me, the new maintenance man and new manager. They had a meeting at the senior center where they told lies about the maintenance man and I kept saying, that's not true and periodically yelled, this is a mobbing.I was told by someone they had a second meeting, it must have been against the manager.

I have had one of those meetings done on me in Nome Alaska, organized by a doctor who I reported to several agencies for over prescribing narcotics in a village of traumatized Alaska Natives and the corrupt medical director who facilitated it. Same exact thing, so it is a standard tactic pulled from the government harassment playbook. Over a decade later that doctor was fired for over prescribing, how many did she get addicted, how many did she kill, how many kids were put in foster care, how many went to prison and have felony charges on their records. Then the medical director who supported her was fired and his son who was out of med school was not hired. Took these people long enough and several directors of agencies need to be fired. I should be thanked, I should be compensated for what I have been through, not one peep from any of the bastards as corrupt and incompetent as they are.

Months ago they told us about an inspection which did not happen at the Civic Plaza, at least it did not happen for me. Then there was another notice and it did. Then there was a notice about Ada County Finance doing one, never came. Then they did one here last week and came, now I get a notice that shows they think I am to be available to them all week. I am trying to get the hell out of here by looking for a car to live in because living in a car is all Boise and the United States has to offer. I can't deal with the constant stress here, the stress of trying to help save the son of my friends and even begin to do what I need to for myself. I have not lived here, I have died here slowly over time this place has damaged me and it was done intentionally by a very large number of people.

I no longer have any sympathy for the people who have intentionally harassed and stalked me on this property and in Boise. I have no sympathy for those who did not do their jobs to manage this property. I have no sympathy for law enforcement who harassed me in the community and then did nothing about the harassment being perpetrated by others, including blocking me from filing police reports, or any agency that should have intervened. Anyone who intentionally took actions to harm me including by choosing to gaslight me, tell lies to others for sabotage or by not even bothering to look at evidence should either be fired or put in prison, depending on their actions. I will not consider the trauma I have suffered and the harm to my health by the lack of sleep, the massive stress, the chemicals, the noise and construction campaigns anything less than the crimes that they are. The excuses that people have issues are invalid, all that matters is if they knew what they did was wrong and they all did including management, especially them, Idaho Housing Finance, HUD and the Boise Police Department. 


Friday, June 29, 2018

Fire Alarms at 3:06 AM and 5:11 AM at the Civic Plaza Apartments in Boise Idaho , Fire Alarms are Often a Tactic of Cointelpro Organized stalking/Harassment

It has been hellacious living at the Civic Plaza Apartments in Boise Idaho for many reasons. Here I discuss one of them which has negatively affected my health. I am sad today partly due to the state of this country and the corruption in the courts and law enforcement agencies. Another factor is the abuse of the poor in this country by the government and the corporations. I am also very tired of the war being waged against good people by evil ones.

The fire alarms have apparently been a problem here for years. When I first moved in they went off very often either at night or very early in the morning. This often happened the day before I was going to a meeting city hall did not want me to attend. The Continuum of Care meeting is about managing homelessness. I was homeless and here in Boise the system is quite ugly and the police are very abusive to homeless people. I wanted to give input, there are many people who do not get their needs met without the ability to speak up, I can and do. This is probably one reason why the gangstalking is so bad against me in Boise.

It is a common tactic all over the United States to trigger fire alarms against alternative journalists, whistelblowers, etc. They do it by pulling them, having someone burn some food to cause smoke or by running vehicles under the smoke detectors in parking garages under the apartment (the design here). It has been reported by many. The fire alarms got better for a while and since the stabbing murder the gangstalking has decreased but it continues. More on that in the future.

I live in a one bedroom apartment. Considering what goes on I stopped getting things for this apartment early on. Due to the bedbugs and other problems I sleep on the floor. This allows me to wash all bedding and put it in the drier if I get bit by a bedbug one time. If the first one is killed before eggs are hatched they are gone and the drier kills the eggs. I have not used my bedroom since right after moving in. The person below me does something that causes a loud boom and it shakes the building, this would go on throughout the night and was louder in the bedroom. The person upstairs would slam things around, run into the bedroom, jump up into the air and slam down on the floor and more. The noise campaigns upstairs included rolling something all around the apartment that made lots of noise for up to two hours at a time, slamming cupboards and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom, slamming things on counter tops, flushing the toilet over and over if I went in the bathroom, etc. The upstairs noise campaign was even coordinated with a noise campaign in the St. Luke's Trailer Park on my side of the building done by a man who gangstalked me for at least two years with his wife or girlfriend. They began exactly at midnight one time, both of them simultaneously.

I'm paying for a one bedroom apartment but have not been in the bedroom for months. Bedbugs are attracted to the CO2 we exhale, the barrier has stopped the infestations. I stuff paper towels under the door. When I moved to the floor in the living room there were construction campaigns around my apartment and loud music started to be played below me along with exacerbation of the upstairs noise. I am paying for a one bedroom apartment but have to live in a studio apartment situation. They recently raised the rent because it's America where low income people are treated like garbage and the government does nothing about the skyrocketing rents that will leave more homeless.

I was up since 2 AM and began coughing due to my nose running heavily from some kind of smell. People open their windows and smoke all kinds of things. I have gotten high from the marijuana and that pisses me off. If my window is open it comes in this apartment. I put the empty tissue boxes close to the door so I could go to the store for more and also cough drops and take the garbage out upon returning. Out in the hallway the lights were still flashing from the fire alarm three hours later. I decided to not go out. This was a few minutes after 5 AM.

As soon as I got back into the apartment the fire alarm went off again at 5:11 AM. There had been a repair type truck parked in the back drive which is from the fire alarm company, so it seems there is an issue this time with the alarm system. It has been hours and they are still there. It has never been possible living here to chose when I want to sleep or what is healthy for me. A great deal of the time I had to sleep during the day due to the noise campaigns and weaponized fire alarms. When switching my sleep back from day to night there are horrible migraines to suffer through. I try like hell to do the right things for my health, but everything is done to destroy my health.

This is just one of many problems. Trying to live in this mess is a horror story and then they raise the rent. My post written after the 11% rent raise is here.

After a few days in which time I found out many people had complained about the issues here over a long period of time I received a notice, just left on my door. The rent raise was decreased, to $712 in stead of $733, but a $47 rent raise is a lot of money for low income people. It is hard to make it through the month as it is. That is $564 in  a year. I prefer to have a place to live, would like an organic garden and a bicycle for transportation, no vehicle as one of the gangstalking tactics is to cause accidents in an attempt to maim or kill the target. I am now looking for a vehicle to live in.

Why is running the homeless out of apartments due to them being very unhealthy, abusive, dangerous on many levels and rent raises being allowed? Considering the abuse I received while homeless and the massive gangstalking that has gone on both while homeless and now while sheltered I understand the effort to supposedly help the homeless is BS. This week end it is likely another couple or family will bring out furniture to leave by the dumpster and throw away many of their possessions to live in a car or go to a homeless shelter. If people wonder why some people just stay homeless this is it, having these stressful and demoralizing situations over and over is the cause.

Were these two fire alarms due to my efforts to help friends whose son has been targeted by the government for about a decade since he was seventeen? Did someone sabotage the system, we have seen this kind of thing before and much more. Was it at the orders of Sarah Palin?

Visitor tracking from my blog Frozen Justice:

The FBI, US Marshals and Police Who Did Destruction on the Christy's Home Have Caused the Death of Shawn Christy's 18 Year Old Cat, This Is a Familiar Story to Me


Shawn Christy’s Psych Eval Was Done on July 3rd 2009, the Day Sarah Palin Resigned. HELLO ! Sexting With a 17 Year Old !


 I have a new one for the DOJ:


Karen Christy's Stalker From 2013 Returns, Law Enforcement Uses 'Stealthy' Cameras to Do Surveillance on the Christys


Since then there has been a story that it was Willow Palin using her mother's account who did the sexting, is this true or was she a scapegoat? Does it make sense so much effort would be put into setting up, harassing and incarcerating a kid for sexting with another kid in 2009? Yea, what is the real story here?

Friday, June 8, 2018

Civic Plaza Owned by Steadfast Management is Raising my Rent 11%, it's Not the HUD Increases. Are They Charging Extra For the Gangstalking and Crimes?

 The rent's too damn high guy. 

There is lots going on and I am firing up the blogs. Getting ready to discuss past and current events.

I am "living" at Civic Plaza Apartments and have a story to tell about the cointelpro/gangstalking that has gone on since my arrival. Gangstalking went on at the Interfaith Sanctuary and in the community here in Boise. Since last October I have done a massive amount of research. The gangstalking has dropped off over the last few days, not sure why except lots is going on with a story that it seems has some connections to my gangstalking, the gangstalkers know I have been doing surveillance on them, dumbasses, and the road construction may be impeding the movements of the army of weaponized morons they use to terror stalk me. Not sure why since they tortured me with sadistic zeal since about ten days to two weeks after my arrival around the first of last October. It is both residents and staff, yep. There is no other explanation, the staff would have to participate and there are many businesses which participate and most certainly many non-profits have.

When I left the office I was wondering what in the hell is going on because the things the woman said to me did not add up. Then the rent raise notice was cowardly place on my door the next day, Friday of course.

I am not a valued resident and they do not hope I stay. They allowed crimes to be committed against me and so did the Boise Police Department, but they were also. I will be writing more about all of this.
My response unlike some other people is not to leave garbage all over. Strewing words and truth constitute how I fight back and attempt to cause changes. 

I called twice in response, the first time I was told the woman who called was at lunch around 2 PM, the second time was voice mail which is what I generally get. Calling the headquarters of Steadfast Management results in absolutely no response other than their sending me these emails with surveys on June 1st and then the 6th. Why? They don't care what my opinion is, if I am being tortured nor do they take action about crimes being committed against me. They intentionally harassed me with construction rehab which is SOP with cointelpro/gangstalking, enjoy your membership in Infragard.


I went into action after I got the notice, this was before I found out it was not HUD, I sent just as many to Ben Carson.

This is a rent increase of about 11%. The disabled and elderly are exempted from the HUD raises in rents for six years, you get to live inside for six years grandma, then your ass in on the street. They are even evicting nursing home patients. I now understand the people who are throwing large amounts of things in the dumpster and leaving furniture. This is Steadfast Management increasing rents and causing homelessness. It's been a hellish ride here and Boise's low income and homelessness infrastructure is also hellish.

I just got an 11% rent raise and clearly the staff thought it would cause me to leave, that is why she asked me if I was leaving in September even though my lease is up in October. Was my rent increase done for that purpose? Is anyone regulating what goes on with these predatory management companies other than paying the residents, contractors and staff with sociopathic traits to gangstalk for profit?

When I left the office on May 30th one of the elevators had a sign that said it was out of order. I suspect that was not true because they pulled one of their flash mobs that went on for quite some time.  It included a kid with two bicycles, an employee with a cleaning cart and two WINCO grocery carts in the elevator at the same time. I did not ride my bicycle that weekend because only the small elevator was available and they might do another flash mob. They do those pretty often. I leave my apartment and people run down the hallway of the floor above me, get in the elevator and punch a bunch of buttons to make me wait. Some women with carts etc. tried to pull that crap on me not too long ago thinking I had my bike, nope heard them, went down the stairs and out the back door. I have a video of the elevator event withe me ranting in the background. There were lots of people, dogs, carts etc. Here is a sample of screen shots of the elevator flash mobbing. The video needs Benny Hill music in the background.

Get those carts back to WINCO they need them for their gangstalking operations.

Analysis: HUD plan would raise rents for poor by 20 percent

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Boise Police Retaliatory Gangstalking Operation Due to My Statement Sports Flag Worship is Being Used to Direct Us Away From the Destruction of Democracy

Boise Police Retaliatory Gangstalking Operation Due to My Statement Sports Flag Worship is Being Used to Direct Us Away From the Destruction of Democracy

This post is about what happened about twelve hours after I posted this article linked below about David Haeg being tasered and arrested after being prevented from getting justice or having corruption with the courts and state troopers in Alaska revealed for over a decade.

I am being heavily gangstalked which includes harassment, stalking, noise campaigns where I live, illegal retaliation by management staff for complaining about the outrageous things that go on in this building. This is Civic Plaza in Boise Idaho where the management style is Laissez-faire, no action, we don't know anything. It is a low income combo Section 42 and Section 8 property where people who have no idea how to behave live. They make living here difficult for the decent people. There is no other place to go.

It appears that over a period of a few days the management and maintenance staff retaliated against me which is illegal and this would be for reporting things like noise campaigns and people throwing bags of garbage or just garbage n the floor in the garbage chute room. Yes I saw the reviews before I moved in but did not think what they described could possibly be true, it is and more.

Here is that post, but the part relevant to this post is below it. I recommend at least viewing the video if you don't know what David Haeg has been through. 

Evidence Presentaton Denied By One of Alaska's Corrupt Courts, David Haeg Defiantly and Emotionally Reads It, He is Tazered, Dragged From The Courtroom. Welcome to America!

Why do you think the Department of Defense paid the sports-industrial-complex all that nationalism bribe money all these years? They wanted you to think whether or not someone makes a choice to stand for a flag, a piece of cloth is a huge deal. They create controversy to divide us over something that does not matter, what matters is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, what matters is we have no system of justice and no Democracy, but dumbed down America doesn't get it's priorities right. What matters is this case because there are so many of us who are David Haeg, he represents those of us who have no means to fight the injustice we have suffered and our voices are cut off when we even tell the story often in very illegal and brutal ways. 

Here in Boise Idaho there are some intersections where the police, fire department, ambulances, etc. often use their vehicles to harass me. First responders are used to harass targets of JTTF/Fusion/Operation Phoenix/Cointelpro. One of these intersections is Front and Capitol in Boise Idaho. There is an odd angled cross walk at 5th very close to that intersection where the junior high kids who are employed by the city of Boise or a security contractor often show signs of their sociopathic play activities. It isn't just first responders, it can also be people doing odd things, not that people in Boise don’t do odd things, they certainly do, but targeted individuals have things happen over and over at certain places and the same things like two cop cars, a cop car and a fire truck, two ambulances, often the sirens are turned on only while they drive by you. They design the operations to appear to other people like something normal, but let the target know it is aimed at them. 
David Haeg, the subject of this post above like myself has been tortured by the state of Alaska by their corrupt courts, law enforcement agencies and others while trying to get justice. He was tasered and arrested for refusing after a decade to not read a statement about the corruption. I was wrongfully imprisoned while my cat was starved and tortured, a typical JTTF/FBI tactic and they took me from one prison to another while lying about where I was going and made sure I was tortured. These actions are done to keep the target from being able to contact people to get assistance secondary to the wrongful imprisonment and keep them in shock. I don’t believe either of our cases originate in Alaska, but instead from the federal level where the corrupt and dysfunctional agencies and law enforcement seek to harm those who tell the truth.

The JTTF is said to be run out of the state police which are called different things depending on the state. In Alaska this would be the state troopers. There is a connection to them clearly in David Haeg's case and with mine in Homer. I had no contact with them in Nome, but that does not mean they did not assist the powers in Nome to come after me for destruction. The Nome police did not like how I was angry they would not arrest men who raped the Native women in the remote villages or how they picked up the drunks and dumped them on me in the two cart ER where I was assaulted by them while working by myself. I know who could be mad at such heroes? 

Here in Boise the police department pretends the JTTF does not exist and have said inappropriate things to me about that. Wait for the next post.
Anyone familiar with William Cooper is familiar with his statement about why sports have been glorified beyond belief in the United States, it is about control, propaganda, “It’s the Roman circus, what does the emperor do when the people become restive, when the people are asking questions and when the people don’t like the policies of the emperor, he sends ‘em to the circus, he creates a circus, he fills a giant coliseum. Then he begins to throw the Christians to the lions and he has great chariot races and football games and basketball games all to keep the idiots preoccupied with things that don’t mean anything in the scheme of the entire world. So that they don’t have time to learn what the truth is so that they don’t ever get smart enough to learn how they are being manipulated, so they don’t ever question the emperor. That’s why they pay a player on a football or baseball team a million or two million dollars a year. It is the Roman circus. I know men who don’t know anything in the world except who plays third base for the Mets and they think that’s a great accomplishment and they meet and pat each other on the back and go and bond and go have cocktails and talk about what this guy who plays third base for the mets did in last night’s game. Sad, it’s really sad.” 
Now add the money the DOD has paid from the hard earned paychecks of tax payers to colleges and professional sports teams to put on a military propaganda show. They don’t want people to think about the Constitution being made defunct, they don’t want people thinking about our rights being taken, or the police state, the inverted totalitarian government we live in, that the FBI/CIA/NSA sets people up to be shooters, that the JTTF/FBI/DOD gives about 10,000 contractors a huge amount of money to torture people who are whistleblowers, journalists, activists, intelligent, know things they want kept from the public, or someone with power doesn’t like their opinion or something they wrote about them, or two people got together and made a false report that they are terrorists so now they are gangstalked by the government and their contractors. Don't even worry that those contractors have recently been told to hire more people and get ready for martial law. No, don’t think about those things or the prison state or the corrupt courts or the corrupt agencies or the dysfunctional, corrupt legislators, yea and some are crazy. Instead focus all of your thinking on this flag made of cloth, a symbol and nothing else and they create a news media frenzy about it. Football is a game, not more important than our failing country, not a substitute for freedom and democracy, WAKE UP.  Anytime they want you to look at something it means they want your attention taken from something much more important.  

William Cooper was not allowed to live too much longer. He's right about this and many other things, but the alien stories I don't believe. He said intelligence agencies told him about the aliens and it may be BS diversion.

The very next day after writing the above blog post as I walked towards that intersection where they often pull some junior high school bully operation what I recorded in the below video happened. I have things like this happen constantly, I have had a neighbor who would run into the kitchen or bathroom when I did and start slamming things around, people show up with things I went to buy just as I got in the elevator, people who do LARPs about things I viewed on line, videos I watched on YouTube and much more. Generally they use police cars at that intersection for harassment or some asshat doing some odd thing or someone(s) obviously following me. They practice overt stalking, they want the target to know. The point is psychological torture to destroy the person. Often when I went by there I was on my way to the Valley Regional Transit downtown bus station. Right now as I write this a noise campaign is going on from the apartment below me and in violation of their lease they are smoking in the apartment. Management doesn't give a rat's ass. 

As I would leave two cops would be standing outside the door glaring at me and two police cars would be parked right there, they did this in other places as well. Most of the time ignoring them was my tactic or some comment would be made such as, "There you are protecting and serving again' or "Boise Police never seem to be very busy, they could cut some staff and save the tax payers some money." I am not a person who causes problems, but since the gangstalkers spread false rumors about targets and I have had them go in stores and tell the staff I'm shoplifting there is no telling what they may have thought. One day some cops other than these usual Boise Police Department cops were at that station. I believe they were the ADA County Sheriff's Department. They were giving away flowers and said someone told them to go down there and do that which is odd. I said thanks, but I was going shopping and had no way to keep a flower doing that and this did not make up for the gangstalking the Boise Police Department does. I have been gangstalked by the ADA County Sherriff's over in Meridian Idaho too and this could have been part of that or maybe they are becoming flower children. They have followed me, driven around the block, parked in the path I was walking and left screws on the sidewalk. The screws are often left in your home on the floor when the gangstalkers come in to do strange things. That happened to me in Soldotna Alaska and I would think, hmm, wonder what that odd screw fell off. Then after several times it is clear someone is putting them there just like the other junior high things they did. This time I was walking to the Continuum of Care meeting for Ada County, the homelessness meeting, at the Meridian Idaho city hall. Other things have been done to attempt to deter me from that meeting. My apartment here in Boise has been entered several times and small objects were taken, just like in Soldotna Alaska. They take a small object they know you will notice because it is used a lot or because you sat it in the open or other odd things such as move a lamp to the other side of the room. The reason is you can't really call the police for a break in as they would assume you are crazy and at least part of the police are involved in it anyway, or in the case of Greg Russell in Soldotna, a retired cop with an LLC, so that means a negative outcome for calling them about anything. I just relearned that again very recently. The police here in Boise, in my case commit crimes rather than preventing them or investigating the perpetrators. When called about a problem they begin interrogating me and are very inappropriate. This is going on all over this dying empire and also the world. They have been told to smear the target and try to set them up to appear mentally ill. I have evidence of some of the crimes I discuss which have been committed against me all over Boise including at the Interfaith Sanctuary, a homeless shelter and a horror story.

As these crazy things the gangstalkers do happen I sometimes come to the wrong conclusion right then and shortly after realize some things. I called the Boise Police to ask if a politician had been visiting after the below incident and they said no, but they often do this sort of thing for football which people have told me, yes they do. My response was, you have got to be joking, that is insane. I checked and there was no game scheduled that day, December 19th 2017 or the day before. Even if there had been a game it is odd they just happened to go by there as I was getting close to that intersection where they almost always harass me and that they turned their lights on just as they got where I was. 

I can't find the official schedule on line now, but here one from news media. I found the official one in December and remember there was no game that day. 

The last game appears to have been played in Las Vegas on December 16th, that is three days before the below incident. They played the Oregon Ducks according to this schedule which are from Eugene Oregon. These buses were coming through Boise, that makes no sense considering where they played the game. It would make more sense to take the highway through Nevada and California to Eugene. If they were flying they would have done so from Las Vegas.

I checked the basketball schedule. A game was scheduled at SMU for December 18th. These buses could not be the BSU Broncos coming back from the airport as the university is in the opposite direction.

When I took the video below I could not have imagined that in a city that builds very little low income housing they would be wasting this many resources on a game. Even if it was legit and I could not find a football game having been played for three days and the basketball game the day before was played elsewhere so neither team was in Boise,  it is clear they timed it for right then because I was walking by. They usually do some kind of strange indicator they are going to pull some stunt before it happens as described below, so I knew something would happen, but not what.

Here is the publish data on the post done the day before from blogger. This was the same day as the convoy in the video that happened at 4:37 PM.

After leaving my apartment to walk to the bus station I noticed next to the building by mine there were several men dressed in what reminded me of old school FBI style garb. I don't know who they were, Masons, FBI, Mormons, fake Masonic cops or just a bunch of men who like to dress the same as their boyfriends, it was so sweet how they coordinated their outfits, let's all wear our black overcoats, hooray. I saw them again later.

Maybe they were a religious cult getting ready to knock on doors and annoy people like this psycho preacher from Poltergeist 2 wearing black. He really does seem like a gangstalker doing street theater. BTW Jehovah's witnesses LDS Mormons and especially FLDS Mormons work for security contractors as well as do other cultish religions. I have experienced this, they are creepy. The first day I moved into this apartment women claiming to be Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on my door and asked if I speak Swahili, there were no pamphlets to be seen. Afterwards just like with everything else I was like, that was very odd and interesting it happened the first night I was here. There was also a man I recognized as being a gangstalker who knocked on my door around that time too LARPing he was trying to make a delivery to the unfortunate woman who lived here before me, he had nothing with him. These are the people of Boise.


As I walked down the street toward the intersection where the first responders do street theater after the black outfitted men in a semicircle school play a bunch of black men went by me, a large number of them. That had been the most recent gangstaking theme, they change them often. Black men who live here and others who tried to pull a gangstalking LARP on me at WINCO participated. Some of the employees at WINCO participate in the stalking. I sang them one of my gangstalking songs called, 'LARPing LARPers' and all of them disapeared. Was it my voice? Sometimes babies cry when I

People use their children in stores to gangstalk and they brought a little boy with them who tried to do this stunt they pull where children walk in front of me like they don't see me. I saw him hiding behind a display and knew what was going to happen. I picked up my speed to throw him off and he jumped as I suddenly appeared. They failed. While walking by I said, "People who use children to gangstalk are criminals." It was very late on a school night, he should have been in bed. People who use children to do criminal activities should have their children removed. It's been one of the most disgusting things I've witnessed this criminal cabal doing. I assume they were trying to scare me with black men, but I've had lots of black friends and dated black men. My best friend in my early 20s was black. It was just another type of madness thought up by one of the weaponized morons running this cabal of losers. They would show up and my comments would be, "Am I supposed to be afraid of you, because I'm not afraid of black men or LARPers."

Finally after discussing it, here is the video. I felt it was important to explain why this is not a coincidence and the story that it was a football team is a lie. 

Below is the data from the video indicating the time and date it was made. The difference in the time of the blog post and the gangstalking operation carried out by dirty cops in Boise Idaho was close to to twelve hours. It was not a coincidence. Not all of the police department is involved here or anywhere else, they chose the ones with sociopathic characteristics and compartmentalize the activities done to harm innocent citizens, violate the constitution, commit crimes against humanity and violate rights of many kinds. Stalking and harassment is a crime, certainly the police know this and so does the mayor. Anyone who participates in gangstalking should be in prison I don't care what lies they have been told, they are irrelevant.