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Homeless People in Boise Idaho are Treated as Non-Humans and Traumatized

Homelessness is a human rights issue that few people in the United States understand. Homelessness is about lack of basic human services and economics. The lack of services for some of the homeless may have occured when they were children being abused and no one helped them. Research shows that mental illness is much more about environment than genetics. It is about these issues for those who are mentally ill, those who are physically ill, those who are addicted, those who have a job but can't afford rent and those who can't find a job. But it is also about the Prison-Industrial Complex and the corrupt court systems. It is about laws passed to target the vulnerable such as people of particular races or the poor. It is about health care clinics with very low standards, no health care, poor nutrition, lack of sleep and traumatization in the homeless shelters of the Non-Profit-Industrial Complex.

The homeless are a commodity used to create jobs. What I have discovered as an intelligent person who is homeless is those who run these shelters believe the mythology that the homeless are lazy scum who deserve to be treated like animals. They believe this while saying they care and I think the reason is lack of knowledge and bad experiences in their own lives. The homeless in the United States are treated as non-humans and that is very much true of Boise Idaho.

I am tired of having the director of the Interfaith "Sanctuary" insinuate that I am lying when I tell him something. I DO NOT LIE, BUT HE DOES. I am also tired of him insinuating that I am lazy. He has no idea who I am and my life most certainly proves his thinking wrong. I am also tired of him threatening me with the other shelter when I confront him. I am at the Interfaith Sanctuary stubbornly documenting what goes on due to them stealing my civil cases from me that I brought from Alaska to work on for justice and to facilitate change. It was the only thing I was living for, I nearly died last winter, getting so ill after that. Obviously killing the homeless off is the main goal considering the abuse from the health care facilities in Boise Idaho and Alaska. I am also tired of Dan's mythology that there are apartments for rent everywhere if only a homeless person would just take the effort to rent one. It really is just that simple for them. Well I live in reality not la-la land, no there are not apartments everywhere especially for those of us with social disabilities. The places available for rent are either untenable or filled with people who cause massive problems. So renting puts one in a position of housing insecurity, you accumulate things and then have to leave, now you are homeless again. After this happens a few times a homeless person realizes it is useless to go to certain types of rentals, cigarette smoke (just like the shelter), meth labs, constant parties, drunk people, thefts, etc. Then there is the abuse from the landlords. Subsidized housing has been privatized and predatory corporations are in charge. I found that out the hard way. The USDA RD has no power over the abuse of the people who rent apartments in their programs, nope, they just give out money to corporations.

The landlords of Boise Idaho are very prejudiced, most of my social disabilities are not even true but I am falsely labeled by the powers that be in Alaska. Of course no one would believe me and that is what my civil cases the interfaith Sanctuary stole from me were about. I have tried for a long time to find a place to live so when Dan Ault says to me , "Don't you want your own apartment" like I'm some kind of a damn idiot who could get one if only I had the will, the urge to slap the snot out of his smug glib ass overcomes me. Or after abusing me around the chores when I tried to do extra he says I live there so why don't I help them out, why so you can traumatize me more? Nope I stopped trying
to help, more contact means more abuse. A bully system has constantly changing rules to prevent the success of the people in your shelter. And I don't LIVE there if I did I would be in charge of stopping the filth and trauma, there would be no cigarette smoke, gardens would be planted, quilts would be made, bead work would be done, books would be read and sock monkeys would be crocheted. We are only allowed to be there from around 6 PM until 7 AM and it's not living that is done, no it is DYING.

I am an activist and an ethical whistleblower. In the United States they consider someone like me to be a terrorist because our country is just that corrupt, so corrupt that telling the truth is considered dangerous. Being ethical is a huge threat, add being well educated and intelligent and the threat level skyrockets. I have been through hell for over a decade. Some of the things I wrote about in Alaska are now being at least looked at by the governor and other agencies including the Department of Justice. They claim to not know who I am while they read my blog posts, then the changes happen. People have gone to great lengths to try and shut me up. I'm still bitching and writing. So I am going to now be writing on this blog. Every effort on my part to give them a chance to stop the assholery has been met with dickholery.

Dan Ault told me he is tired of hearing about the suitcase they stole from me. There is a lawyer who joined in a conspiracy to have me wrongfully imprisoned which resulted in lots of bad things including my cat being starved and tortured by a psychopath they used to help them. She told me she was sick of hearing about my "frickin cat." That was in like 2007-8. I recently posted this on my other blog. Dan will be SOL.

Brooke Browning Alowa and John Earthman Are Applying to be Judges, Oh Hell No! Featuring a Picture of My "Frickin' Cat"

They have no idea who I am in Alaska. I have tons of these from along period of time.  

Then there are lots of these.

I am a radical but most people do not know what that means. What the United States needs is radicals right now to implement changes but considerable effort has been made to demonize us or lock us in administrative segregation in some privatized prison. The main reason for doing this is to prevent the truth from being told.

Tim Black interviewed Ajamu Baraka the vice presidential candidate of the Green Party who has been a human rights activist for a very long time. He explains what a radical really is. 

Ajamu Baraka describes what a radical is at 5:27.

I do go to the root, strive to understand the root cause, look beneath the surface, ask the critical questions and do seek truth. I'm as radical as hell and proud to be an ethical radical outspoken person. I am not proud of my country and other people who are conscious know why, unfortunately the major portion of our population is not conscious. I love my country the place, some of the history, some of the people, not the government and many people from many different political beliefs feel this way. We all love what we thought this country was but it was never that. Some of us have had experiences that educated us to understand we have been living in propaganda for decades. Wake up!

The root cause of homelessness is not laziness, drugs or alcohol. A huge number of homeless people have been traumatized so a person on drugs or alcohol is showing you a symptom, the root cause is trauma. Having to live in a homeless shelter that traumatizes them over and over with staff who say bullying, glib, patronizing things while treating them like a child does the opposite of empower that person to get out of homelessness. After so much trauma of having their property taken by the shelter, having their bed taken for unjust reasons, having to live in filth, having to live in vermin, never getting enough sleep, being bullied, not being able to have your property with you, having to leave your property in a dangerous situation, being forced to breathe second hand cigarette smoke, being treated like you are not welcome at businesses, being abused at some businesses by owners (laundromat), having police come into the laundromat to ask you if you are doing laundry, having staff at a store follow you into the bathroom because you have a backpack, having the sidewalks blocked so you have to walk in the street, having the dangerous drivers of Boise nearly kill you often, receiving little to no appropriate health care, having to eat an unhealthy diet, no ability for self care, perhaps having to sleep on the floor, being thrown out of the shelter into a dangerous situation at night, being falsely accused, never being able to have any peace, the filth, the unsanitary way things are done, the frequent viruses, the secondary bacterial infections, only ten minutes to shower and on and on, did I mention the damn filth enough? This all leads to dehumanizing of people and they give up, their souls broken. Add injustice from the courts, add social injustice, add loss of human contact, then the lies told by the government about the homeless. Then the very people in control of what happens with the homeless in political positions, the police, the mayor even those running the shelters perpetuate myths which make the pain and trauma so much worse.

There are Trauma-Aware ways of running programs that deal with traumatized people, but the choice is often made as it has been in Boise Idaho to go ahead and traumatize people more over and over and most certainly to trigger their PTSD or whatever their trauma illness is often so they never can heal. The main key to healing PTSD is to give people control of their lives. Homeless people have no control and have to live in systems that frankly are Charley-Foxtrots often filled with idiotic thinking, no common sense. Then when something is pointed out they accuse the homeless person of being a liar or lazy, this happens to me often and I am the exact opposite of these accusations. The shelters are generally run by those who lack empathy, but constantly say they care about the homeless. They do cruel things then blame the victim, even lie. I will discuss this further.

This all needs a radical change. I am a retired RN with PTSD and ME/cfs who has been treated like garbage after spending my life helping others while struggling with health problems. I went to bush Alaska where women were raped and the police would not arrest the perps, the Indian Health System hospital was unregulated and quite dangerous and workplace bullying was used secondary to my whistleblowing and attempts to report the problems. Recently tiny amounts of things were done about some of the problems. I will be damaged by the experience for the rest of my life and continue to fight for justice both from the courts and social justice.

Alaska After All These Years is Finally Counting and Testing the Stockpiled Rape Kits, You Know Like They Just Noticed Them, SOP

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