Sunday, January 29, 2017

Boise/Ada County Homeless Non-Profit Claims of Finding Housing for Large Numbers of Homeless is Obvious BS

According to Continuum of Care organizers, the 2016 Point in Time Count reported that 867 people were experiencing homelessness in Ada County  Idaho.

That's 867 people in ADA County,  no mention of how many in Boise. Of course a large number of the people are in Boise.

The Rescue Mission people claim to have put more than 600 people into housing while Dan at Interfaith Sanctuary tells me they put someone in housing every day, which would be 365 more people at least. That is 965 people who according to the claims of those running the homeless shelters in Boise Idaho got stable housing in 2016. This is more people than the 2016 Point in Time Count of the homeless for all of Ada County revealed, 867. Even if the homeless population in Boise had significantly increased since that count, this makes no sense, remember the Point in Time Count of 867 is for all of Ada County.

If one adds the people the Children and Women's Alliance finds housing for or the other smaller homeless shelters why 200-300% of those 867 homeless people should be in housing. LMAO!

I did not have to look at this number to know the claims were BS. I have looked for housing for over a year with no result. I have SSDI, but have social disabilities. Most of the negative material on my record is false which is why I had civil suits and FOIA request results with me, but those were stolen and discarded by the Interfaith Sanctuary along with personal papers I needed to get housing and more. They do the opposite of help, but instead harm the homeless person seeking housing.

Another way I know it's a big sack of fecal material is I live among the homeless, when someone gets housing its a significant event because it happens so rarely. The single homeless people are the ugly step children of the homeless world, families get priority for everything. The poor elderly, the disabled and mentally ill can just die, but they will tell everyone how much housing they have found for them.

The stories in the news are propaganda. If their claims were true the shelters would be nearly empty. Of course the Point in Time Count mentioned above I estimate at probably being less than half of the actual homeless population here.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Boise Continuum of Care Count of the Homeless is Apparently Several Days Long Now, Leave Me Alone!

From the City of Boise Continuum of Care Point in Time website:

CoC’s are required to complete a one‐night Point-In-Time (PIT) count of those who are experiencing homelessness during the last ten days in January. The data from this count helps determine the amount of funding awarded for homeless programs across the state, as well as report changes among the homeless population and raise public awareness of homelessness.

A one night count. Notice it is to help with funding, you know like the federal funding that they claim no one gets. Considering how I have been pestered by them publicly I guess the pubic now knows all about my being homeless.

What I need is housing, you don't have that so at least stop treating me like a non-human.

Two days ago a Point in Time person tried to talk to me and I was very upset about how I had been treated by the Interfaith Sanctuary having been harassed the night before, once again by Dan Ault and very angry about the lies the public are told about the homeless and housing. I told her I was upset and did not want to talk to her. I knew the shelter had my information.

Today when I entered the library I was approached by not just one, but then another Point in Time person. Leave me the fuck alone. I can't even sit down and get something done. I'm in a homeless shelter with a damn homeless card, they know all about me. Then on top of that President Obama's administration had me under surveillance. I have a smart phone, they know where I am at all times.

With the first one I said loudly, "They were here two days ago." She tells me they are doing the count over days now after I said it was supposed to be on one day. Great, days of having people approach me because I have a backpack. I said loudly, "Yes, I'm homeless, I stay at a homeless shelter and carry a homeless card, I am a known entity." Then I grabbed a chair and went to hide among the book shelves. Leave me alone. I just point at them now and go, "no." You go to a public place and people have to come and make sure everyone is well educated about your personal information and the fact that you are homeless. Thanks

I suppose when I leave in a few minutes someone will try to stop me on the street. I need a taser, just kidding.

Friday, January 27, 2017

I Got to Drink Coffee in the Main Room, Darkness Descends Again, Journalism Sucks in Boise

This morning we had the former night shift guy on, so rather than stay in the dorm I came out and sat in the main room. I was happy and that just can’t be allowed to go on. 

Darkness Abounds. Will I Be Blamed?
When I went outside to the Conex box where my locker was the strings of Christmas lights they are using which provides poor light to begin with were out. It was very cold which means hurrying to put stuff in and get stuff out, but no light so frozen fingers. Someone had a flash light, so helped me get my locker opened to get to my flashlight, then I helped two people with mine. Then the lights came back on. This happens fairly often. Jury rigging with strings of Christmas lights, what could go wrong? I had no one pour coffee into my locker, put their muddy robe hanging over it or drape their wet jeans over it last night, something must be wrong in the universe.
This is how we have to live and it is not the weather that makes us catch pathogens. I suppose if I complained to Dan about the lights being out often he would say it was my fault because I had not wired the Conex boxes and installed the lights. Of course, I have the authority to make these decisions and do whatever I want, you know since I can’t generally sit in a damn chair in the morning or even bring in crocheting or my laptop so I can write, oh and FFS can’t bring in more than what can fit into a gallon size baggie at one time, but it’s all my fault, everything. Let’s not forget that I am not allowed to do any chores until 7 AM.

The Crazy Shower Wars of 2016 Seem to be Continuing Through 2017.

Last night there were two people signed up for the three shower stalls at 7 PM, I was the only one signed up for 7:10 PM. I went into the bathroom early right after 7 PM. There were three people in the shower. Often our times run over as they only allow ten minutes for a shower, what those of us with common courtesy do is simply get our showers done as fast as we can and move on so others can shower, especially if they are waiting. I expect to wait some, but this was ridiculous. These women knew people were waiting and took around ½ hour. One of them got angry when I mentioned the other woman had an appointment she needed to get to and said, ”I need at least 15 minutes to shave and I won’t be played that way.” What the hell that even means in this situation I do not know. I have had women intentionally go into the showers so I could not get in and they were not showering. This has all gone on since I got there and greatly increases my health problems due to the orthostatic issues. They could care less. But it is frustrating for everyone because they come to shower and find they will not get in for a long time. We all run over but most of us care that someone is waiting and try to hurry rather than just sit there and socialize.
I got tachycardic, nauseous and dizzy secondary to Postural Tachycardia Syndrome while standing there which happens a lot, due to low blood volume which is typical of ME/cfs because I had to stand there so long. Leaving the bathroom means you lose your spot waiting, so it is hard to tell the staff. I was told one of the main reasons they have all this extra staff now was to supervise the women’s dorm and showers, that never happens unless someone goes and gets them and even then it may not. There are many arguments over the showers, I tend to report the problems to staff rather than argue because there is not point to it, they are egocentric. 

Riotous Dorm.
It was nuts in the women’s dorm last night. Intoxicants slurring and yelling and quite a bit of crazy behavior. It’s like a junior high school slumber party. This is SOP. 

Propaganda Abounds. 
The news media propaganda about the homeless getting housing continues. A reporter told me that just repeating press releases from the shelters is journalism when I had told her that not verifying what they told her was not.This is SOP for Boise Idaho journalism.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Harassment at the Interfaith Sanctuary is SOP, the Grounds are Covered in Ice, I Can't Find Housing, Fake News

Where I brought a chair to sit among the shelves to find a little peace to work

After having to as usual walk a long distance in the poor conditions due to the icy sidewalks in Boise Idaho for anyone who must walk. Almost daily I walk on ice to get some healthy food and had to get around the massive construction projects.
Today was the point in time count of the homeless in the United States. I am very disillusioned by horrible treatment of the homeless in this country so did not tolerate it early this morning. I was harassed at the Interfaith Sanctuary again by Dan ­­­­­­Ault who does these frequent episodes where he picks some untrue bullshit theme and repeats it to me every time I’m seen, so clearly it is harassment as the only other explanation would be intellectual impairment.
I then went to the library. Had to go to the noisy first floor due to the painting upstairs that they failed to inform people about which made me sick, once again. Before I could sit down someone approached me with his point in time questions. No peace, no stopping the reminders that I am homeless for one fucking second. My reaction was yes, I am homeless and have a homeless card to prove it, that I was harassed at the Interfaith Sanctuary once again by Dan Ault last night so not in a great mood today for this. I go into a public place in pain needing to just sit down knowing the area I must sit in is going to get nuts and right off the bat slapped in the face with being counted, FFS! I tell him those numbers are not necessarily being used for the purposes they are told and what difference does it make anyway, nothing ever gets better, they just tell better lies about housing and how we are treated. Then I went into my McCarthy routine, “Are you now or have you ever been a card-carrying member of the homeless party? Yes Senator McCarthy I’m a card carrying member.” This country is pathetic and things are only going to get worse.
First when Dan starts I ask him isn’t he going to tell me about some list of apartments that does not exist stating he’ll give me a copy of it like he’s done over and over. He did that one for weeks telling me the same BS and never producing the list, oh and telling me how he and Tim find someone housing every day and get this he finds the apartments on Craigslist. It’s funny how hardly anyone leaves the shelter to go to housing but so many are helped to find it, quite odd.  I have been on that Craigslist for years looking all over the country for a rental that I can afford and will accept my social disabilities. There is a reason I know there is little low income housing in this country and the system has been rigged to prevent certain categories of people from being able to have a place to live or even live.
Last night the theme was my complaints are all because I need mental health counseling. Really now? I have PTSD, but not psychotic, nor do I have a personality disorder as was documented before I got PTSD. I am depressed due to the shelter stealing my civil cases that would have helped me get justice and housing along with the horrible conditions I live in, but Dan had a hell of a lot to do with all of this along with receiving continuous trauma making my PTSD constantly triggered. He told me in the past about some woman at some agency who I supposedly had an appointment with. But wait, someone at the Children’s and Women’s Alliance told me I needed no counseling at all. LOL. Welcome to the world of health care for the low income, but especially the homeless. One time you get some crazy diagnosis and the next time there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, both are wrong.  Those working with mental health are often poorly educated, often social workers with little appropriate experience and can do lots of harm to people. When I went to the so-called appointment the woman did not show at the appointed time and then it was revealed it was a cattle call, no way did I stay for that. Then later Dan tells me this woman is going to call me, she did not. Now Dan tells me he has formed a relationship with some other woman. I say, “Someone wants to form a relationship with you?’ I then say it’s probably that same org of incompetence so thanks but no thanks and yes it was. I was wondering if this woman is familiar with Dr. Hare’s psychopathy checklist.
At least he did not stalk me down the little hall this time to keep other people from hearing, there were several witnesses, “He called you over for that!”
During this last crazy episode, he intimated I was crazy and needed counseling, lazy and that I was just blaming others for my problems. The Interfaith Sanctuary is such a therapeutic place she said sarcastically. I said, “Dan, one path, just one path for the elderly and disabled” pointing outside where there is ice all over the property. Some was eliminated between the buildings and Conex boxes where people go to get their frozen shampoos, soaps and lotions. There I a large area when leaving the property that is quite treacherous and then the alleyway is very dangerous. There are many dangerous areas in Boise Idaho for pedestrians due to the crazy regulations that property owners are to take care of the sidewalks, but there is obviously no enforcement at all. Dan’s response to me was predictable, because their responses are always aimed at trying to shame the homeless person who complains about safety issues.
A man recently asked night shift if he could put out something to melt the ice and was told he could buy it himself. I have had an evening shift staffer several times tell me there were not hot beverage cups when I mentioned people could not drink coffee in the plastic cups. People do drink out of them either no knowing or not caring that the plastic will leach out and cause harm to their health. The staff doesn’t give a damn either. I knew he was lying when he told me this, but he always adds this dig about people taking three cups at a time and how the shelter has limited funds. Putting out one kind of cup so another type must be used in the morning does not conserve resources. Assholiness comes from those who are illogical and like to bully people which is very easy to do when you have a building filled with voiceless homeless people. When I tried to complain about the rude things he said to me and state that hardly anyone is taking three cups I was treated like shit as per usual.
Dan told me I could go out and get a shovel, this is after I had showered and put on pajamas. Keep in mind the property has pretty much been in this condition all winter and was like this all last winter. Another serial bully named Tim a few months ago, when the subject of my falling last winter on the ice at that time came up told me they had just not gotten to removing the ice yet. Horse crap! They threw some ice melt down right after I fell which did little and the ice was there all winter. I know because we had to stand on it when there was no place to go in the freezing cold waiting for the shelter to open. I have pictures of the frost bite on my toes from this. I told Dan that the ice was packed and it would take more than a shovel to remove it. I have no work gloves or Carhardts due to the polices which Dan implemented last winter that resulted in my property in my suitcase being stolen by the shelter, it’s staff and minions with property being taken or thrown in the dumpster.
Then I explained to Dan that I used to do extra but got screwed over so stopped and that there were many other people like myself. I was the only woman who went outside to work. I swept the storage buildings where they kept the filthy plastic bins our property was in for so long and then picked up garbage all over the property. I started before everyone else and finished after most of them. I was suddenly told I could not start until 7 AM which did not work as the outside plastic bins had to be put away in the buildings at that time. Often their decisions and the things they say make no sense, some of the staff are aware of this but have been told what to do by higher staff. The fact that I took quite a bit of time, was doing at least two chores and doing them well did not matter to them. What mattered was sabotaging me, harassing me, making things hard for me and fucking me over. At that time, I said Ok then, I’ll just do one regular chore on chore day and that is it. NOW DAN WANTS TO TRY AND IMPLY THAT I AM SOMEHOW LAZY OR IRRESPONSIBLE, REALLY! No, I am not the irresponsible one, the one who makes bad decisions, no that is someone else.
Dan also told me I need to save money to get into an apartment, really? I’ve been looking for over a year and before that looked somewhere else and have searched all over the country. Where and when will I find this apartment? I told Dan who was an ass for saying this to me in front of people implying that I fritter my SSDI away. No, I have ME/cfs which is not treated with medication which would be covered by my medication insurance, no I must buy supplements and vegetables to treat the massive problems of ME/cfs and I must do this all alone. I buy some healthy food, not enough healthy food, but some. He can fuck off, I told him that I was choosing to stay alive. What is the point of an apartment when one is dead which I would be if I did not have the good judgment to do what I do with my SSDI? 
I told Stephanie Day the homeless coordinator in Boise that it is more expensive to be homeless than to have a place to live for me and it’s true. If I could cook, then much of the supplements would be added to the food in a cheaper form and could be bought in cheaper bulk form. Doctors do not know how to treat ME/cfs, but I do, in fact they generally are abusive to us and cause huge problems. Leave me the fuck alone.
At the Boise Main Library today.
During this BS episode, I told Dan, “You got nothing, nothing.“ That was about his BS counseling and the past lies about finding housing. I also brought up the propaganda that is often in the news media. Just the previous day I had read something channel 2, KBOI had on their website quoting a person from the Interfaith Sanctuary saying the weather was why the homeless were having such a hard time with the viruses and all, so they needed cough drops and cold remedies. I went by KBOI to inform them that no, the weather has not got a thing to do with catching the virus other than viruses do transfer a bit easier in cold weather, no it is the horrible conditions we live in, the poor nutrition, the lack of appropriate personal hygiene, the stress of being bullies, the trauma, the demoralization of the homeless. The cold weather if one has influenza can make the symptoms worse or last longer, but does not cause one to get ill from a virus and the snow hasn’t got a damn thing to do with it.I also told KBOI that they were responsible to clear the sidewalks as the city of Boise apparently hasn't told many property owners yet, just volunteering to help out, hehe. 
Yes, people need cough drops and the hand warmers are important as many have only one pair of shoes and often they are not appropriate for the weather and hand warmers can be placed inside them at night to dry them out. I was treated like a pariah by the troll who guards the door to the offices of KBOI. This is what happens when so called news media is grossly interested in kissing butts rather than reporting the truth.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Hell of Being Homeless in Boise Idaho

When it is cold sometimes I just get on a bus to go somewhere I can be warm, get coffee and food and some days to wait for some of the ice on the sidewalks to melt. I did that the day before yesterday. I had to take two buses on the dysfunctional bus system, walk on ice and risk getting my shoes wet. On the way back after the first bus let me off at the main transit center downtown I saw the lobby area was filled with children obviously from some school. Myself and others were waiting for the number 5 bus. Then the kids all started to flow out of the building to get on that bus. We were essentially run off from riding the number 5. That was OK because the number 4 was coming and took us where we needed to go. We waited for it. There were so many kids they could not all get on the number 5, so just before the number 4 showed up someone who worked for the bus company came out to tell them and the adults with them they could just get on the number 4 it was almost there. They took over that bus, the kids were allowed to stand in the front of the bus, the adults oblivious. The bus driver told them if there was an empty seat to sit down. There were seats by other kids but one came and sat on my bag. I have immune system issues and try to avoid places filled with kids of direct contact with them. Just like so many other times I did not get the services I paid for on that bus once again and was treated like I did not matter. I complained and was told someone would call and as per usual have gotten crickets. I don’t even know what to do anymore, can’t walk much due to ice and flooding because of lack of maintenance of sidewalks and streets, can’t take the bus due to cray-cray nearly every time I ride. Boise is a very oppressive place for low income or homeless people. It’s not the bus drivers that are the problem, in fact some of them are very skilled at figuring out how to park the bus so people walking on ice have an easier time, nope it’s the higher ups making bad decisions.
Last night I was nearly hit by two egocentric Boise Idaho drivers which is SOP due to traffic laws not being enforced. If one of them had hit me that would considered a civil matter in Boise Idaho because all crimes against the homeless are considered civil matters here. I have however had cops come in a laundromat to ask me if I was doing laundry which of course if you know me caused a flurry of comments to cops trying to turn myself in for multiple counts of doing laundry while homeless. Last night four cops were at the shelter, two at the door and two inside. I stopped and said to the outside ones, “How did you know I was here”, the reply was, oh we just know these things. Once inside some cop demanded to know my name, I gave him a male name but they were not able to get the joke, so I said my real name, but don’t know if they can legally just go around asking names in Idaho. The police just treat the homeless any old way.  
Then getting to the Interfaith Sanctuary I found some woman had put her muddy robe over my locker with it draping down over the front. There are constant problems like this going on due to poor supervision. There were tons of staff on, but no one really checks the areas where the lockers are. I could not even go inside and get something to clean it with before opening the door due to not being able to bring my damn bag inside. That was the beginning of a typical night of hell.
Then came the riotous loud talking that goes on in the dorm for long periods of time, people who don’t talk, they yell.  At least last night I did not have to stand in the bathroom with postural tachycardia syndrome nearly passing out waiting to get into the shower room like usual, nor did I have to listen to women arguing over the showers or have some woman whose time for showering was 7PM, but she showed up at 7:10 PM, my shower time and try to tell me she was going before me like the night before. That kind of crap is constant. After showering I went out to clean my locker which also included the coffee someone had gotten all over it.
I used to get up early and sit in the main room every morning, then after they turned the lights on drink coffee and talk to some people. That ended with the new night staff and the new policies. They ran me out of that room and the morning was the only good time there, IT ALL SUCKS NOW ALL THE TIME.
Often when I go in the Conex box where my locker is there are people smoking. It is bad enough that people are forced to breath second hand smoke (children are also exposed) to go in and out of the building which includes people standing right next to the damn door, but we also must have some egocentric stand next to us smoking while we are trying to get to our things together in a fricking box with little lighting. We can only bring a gallon size baggie of stuff in at a time so must run outside into the freezing cold several times each night. They use strings of Christmas lights and they go out every now and then so then there is no light at all. Those who smoke in the Conex boxes are exposing people to health harming substances while also placing those chemicals on the property of others. If anything is said most of them then say their rights are being violated, they really do. The homeless are disposable people so why should anyone care. If you complain about it like I do the result is to be despised. I have news for everyone, I despise you more.  
This morning after doing my chore I go to get my stuff to leave, some asshole was smoking a cigarette in the Conex box. I said something about it and he called me multiple names, including “bitch” and the old bastard who I’m guessing has an alcohol issue challenged me to a fight. He really did, “Come on, come at me.” Yep, this is the life of a homeless woman who worked hard after having a drug company damage her health in utero with the assistance of the FDA and other agencies to cover it up and only tell part of the truth. I also did lots of good in my life and many things that took much courage while being ill and having to deal with a medical community who treated DES daughters and women with ME/cfs in an abusive way due to being sheep of the FDA, NIH and CDC. The DES caused the ME/cfs.  I am an intelligent, educated homeless woman who is 61 years old in empathy-less, propaganda driven Boise Idaho. What this guy does not know is if he wants to attack me I will kick his ass, but I don’t want to fight and will defend myself if I must.
The stress of having to deal with people like this which includes some of the staff is health harming. The constant bullying is health harming and can even kill people. I have PTSD already from workplace bullying and fighting to do something about a corrupt and incompetent IHS hospital, massive chemical dependency issues that were secondary to trauma and the failure of law enforcement to arrest men who raped Native women in remote villages in Alaska. Many homeless people have been traumatized to continue to inflict trauma upon us at the homeless shelters of death is unconscionable. I also wrote about injustice and politics finding myself under surveillance under the Obama administration like so many others. I am a real liberal, not a Democrat, well read and have the ability to see the truth and tell it.  
I will continue to defend myself from second and third hand cigarette smoke by writing about it and verbally complaining. I went inside, told the staff and used one swear word, the reaction was to tell ME not to use that word there. REALLY, CONSIDERING YOU ALLOWED A WOMAN TO CALL ME A FUCKING BITCH EVERY MORNING FOR WEEKS, HARASS THE HELL OUT OF ME, KEEP ME AWAKE ALL NIGHT LONG AND HAVE OTHER WOMEN GET INTO HER BED BELOW MINE WHICH ROCKED LIKE THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE, REALLY YOU SAY THAT TO ME. She’s still at the shelter, no problem for them, but if I swore describing what went on, well that’s a problem. That’s the Interfaith Sanctuary, always hypocritical, abusive and illogical. They can kiss my ass. Oh, and get this, if I call the police about the threats of assault or harassment I have been told they will take my bed or throw me out of the shelter. Is that even legal? Yes, the victim is the main problem at the “sanctuary.”
Yesterday before I went back to the shelter I read the latest propaganda on the Interfaith Sanctuary from KBOI/2. They are apparently one of two official propaganda news media outlets here in Boise. Their article states that the weather is the reason the homeless people are having such a hard time with viruses. Really? Have you heard of the germ theory of disease? We don’t have the poor law in the USA, instead we have the non-profit industrial complex which is by policies manipulated by the federal government to all do things the same way, BRUTALLY, UNSAFELY, HEALTH HARMINGLY AND MOST CERTAINLY TO TREAT THE HOMELESS LIKE FUCKING ANIMALS! Last year I was sicker, almost died, they did not care and were probably hoping I would die. I could not get health care as Terry Reilly misdiagnosed me twice within five minutes of arriving to see one of their doctors. Then they fired me because I got all truth revealing on them. There will be more on that.
There was ice on the sidewalks last winter but not as much snow and not as cold for so long, but people were sicker. It has nothing to do with the weather, it’s about the horrible conditions the homeless are forced to live in. We are all packed together in tight quarters, many don’t bathe or wash clothing, they rub against people when they walk by, they may have sat on sidewalks or lay down on the ground, they don’t wash their hands, they touch everything, many don’t cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing, many are alcoholic which decreases Zinc absorption and more, huge numbers smoke cigarettes and there is no teaching at all about prevention transfer of infectious agents. On top of this are the Dyson blowers at Corpus Christi which blow bacteria and viruses all over the place and they a jam packed with people as well. One of the biggest problems is the poor nutrition and a huge lack of vegetables in the diet of the homeless.
The staff touches everything including the homeless ID cards they force us to carry, I won’t let them touch mine. I get crap when requesting a no-touch towel for showering. All I want is a barrier to their hands that have been all over everything. A tissue for picking it up works fine. Both volunteers and staff have given me crap about. Some of them unbelievably do things like put the towels on the counter around the desk area where multiple people come through and place their hands and objects. I had one staff go into a tirade, screaming at me he was tired of me treating everyone like they are germaphobes because he got his slander backwards. He did this in front of a room full of people and there were other incidents.
I went by KBOI this morning. The troll that guards their door would not let me in because the truth is like kryptonite to them. I did manage to tell her I had a newsflash for them, there is a regulation in Boise that property owners are to clear the sidewalks next to their property and they are severely out of compliance and have been for months. Then the troll slipped me a piece of paper so I could leave a message of truth and then not get a call back due to truth being so icky to them and all.
In Boise, decent people are packed into a homeless shelter where sociopaths prey upon them, where people make threats to assault others and are still allowed in the shelter, where drunk women can rant, rave and argue for hours disturbing everyone else and where women can stand and bully/threaten a woman for snoring night after night with no intervention from the staff except when she goes into the hospital to say she is glad for everyone. All problems take long periods of complaining and being gaslighted for anything to get done.  All requests to meet with the board are ignored and now Dan Ault is blocking my emails.
Their article of propaganda discussed how people could not sleep due to coughing, but apparently keeping people awake due to being high or drunk is not a problem for them.
I had to run errands today walking on ice because the laws of Boise Idaho are not enforced unless the person is poor, especially the homeless. The property owners are supposed to clear the sidewalks, but suffer no consequences if they do not. There are dangerous conditions all over so those with disabilities are not able to be mobile, this not only affects their ability to get around, but also their health, they can’t walk to get exercise. It seems to me someone should do something about these massive violations of the ADA laws in Boise. Hell, the Interfaith Sanctuary doesn’t even keep the ice cleared at the shelter. Last year I fell on the ice and this year the disabled, elderly and well anyone are in danger of fractures or head injuries. One path, just one fucking path is all they would have to maintain, but then even if they did that there is the unmaintained alley of ice, unless the weather gets warmer and then it’s ice and flooding.
After the errands, I made the mistake of going to the main library where they are once again painting without any damn notice what-so-fucking-ever! I sit in a fucking hall away from the unsupervised problems of people playing videos with no headphones or putting on damn fingernail polish etc. If I had not gone over there I would not have known they were painting so I could leave the area and even though it has given me a headache, nausea and tinnitus the symptoms would have been worse if I had just sat in the area for hours not knowing what was going on. I complained about this all last summer FFS! Nothing was done, nothing but condescending comments from people who don’t give one shit. I asked them to simply post a notice a few days before the painting, but oh no fuck everyone in Boise who is trapped in the hell of homelessness and has mitochondrial dysfunction or allergies. Fuck all of us.
A deputy city attorney called to say she talked to the library as I also did who told her they would be more sensitive in the future. I will not believe that until I see it.