Sunday, January 29, 2017

Boise/Ada County Homeless Non-Profit Claims of Finding Housing for Large Numbers of Homeless is Obvious BS

According to Continuum of Care organizers, the 2016 Point in Time Count reported that 867 people were experiencing homelessness in Ada County  Idaho.

That's 867 people in ADA County,  no mention of how many in Boise. Of course a large number of the people are in Boise.

The Rescue Mission people claim to have put more than 600 people into housing while Dan at Interfaith Sanctuary tells me they put someone in housing every day, which would be 365 more people at least. That is 965 people who according to the claims of those running the homeless shelters in Boise Idaho got stable housing in 2016. This is more people than the 2016 Point in Time Count of the homeless for all of Ada County revealed, 867. Even if the homeless population in Boise had significantly increased since that count, this makes no sense, remember the Point in Time Count of 867 is for all of Ada County.

If one adds the people the Children and Women's Alliance finds housing for or the other smaller homeless shelters why 200-300% of those 867 homeless people should be in housing. LMAO!

I did not have to look at this number to know the claims were BS. I have looked for housing for over a year with no result. I have SSDI, but have social disabilities. Most of the negative material on my record is false which is why I had civil suits and FOIA request results with me, but those were stolen and discarded by the Interfaith Sanctuary along with personal papers I needed to get housing and more. They do the opposite of help, but instead harm the homeless person seeking housing.

Another way I know it's a big sack of fecal material is I live among the homeless, when someone gets housing its a significant event because it happens so rarely. The single homeless people are the ugly step children of the homeless world, families get priority for everything. The poor elderly, the disabled and mentally ill can just die, but they will tell everyone how much housing they have found for them.

The stories in the news are propaganda. If their claims were true the shelters would be nearly empty. Of course the Point in Time Count mentioned above I estimate at probably being less than half of the actual homeless population here.


  1. This is Great Stuff---lets get you some housing

    1. I would love housing, but no longer expect to get it due to the prejudice of the landlord's/management companies and inaction of the Idaho/Boise governments.

  2. As someone who has been homeless in Boise, I can attest that these groups do NOTHING for the homeless, other than use them to get donations and keep their BS flowing.
    Lairs and thieves, the whole bloody lot of them.

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  5. You are both right--there are a lot of people making money off the backs of the homeless---but there are lots of good people here in Boise who would help if they knew how---we (the homeless) must come together and educate the community to our needs and how they can this end we will have a meeting every Wednesday at the downtown Library at 2pm to hammer out a strategy to do this--call or email me for more information or just show up and ask the desk which meeting room we are in---Matt Scott 208-570-3808