Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Boise Continuum of Care Count of the Homeless is Apparently Several Days Long Now, Leave Me Alone!

From the City of Boise Continuum of Care Point in Time website:

CoC’s are required to complete a one‐night Point-In-Time (PIT) count of those who are experiencing homelessness during the last ten days in January. The data from this count helps determine the amount of funding awarded for homeless programs across the state, as well as report changes among the homeless population and raise public awareness of homelessness.

A one night count. Notice it is to help with funding, you know like the federal funding that they claim no one gets. Considering how I have been pestered by them publicly I guess the pubic now knows all about my being homeless.

What I need is housing, you don't have that so at least stop treating me like a non-human.

Two days ago a Point in Time person tried to talk to me and I was very upset about how I had been treated by the Interfaith Sanctuary having been harassed the night before, once again by Dan Ault and very angry about the lies the public are told about the homeless and housing. I told her I was upset and did not want to talk to her. I knew the shelter had my information.

Today when I entered the library I was approached by not just one, but then another Point in Time person. Leave me the fuck alone. I can't even sit down and get something done. I'm in a homeless shelter with a damn homeless card, they know all about me. Then on top of that President Obama's administration had me under surveillance. I have a smart phone, they know where I am at all times.

With the first one I said loudly, "They were here two days ago." She tells me they are doing the count over days now after I said it was supposed to be on one day. Great, days of having people approach me because I have a backpack. I said loudly, "Yes, I'm homeless, I stay at a homeless shelter and carry a homeless card, I am a known entity." Then I grabbed a chair and went to hide among the book shelves. Leave me alone. I just point at them now and go, "no." You go to a public place and people have to come and make sure everyone is well educated about your personal information and the fact that you are homeless. Thanks

I suppose when I leave in a few minutes someone will try to stop me on the street. I need a taser, just kidding.

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