Friday, January 27, 2017

I Got to Drink Coffee in the Main Room, Darkness Descends Again, Journalism Sucks in Boise

This morning we had the former night shift guy on, so rather than stay in the dorm I came out and sat in the main room. I was happy and that just can’t be allowed to go on. 

Darkness Abounds. Will I Be Blamed?
When I went outside to the Conex box where my locker was the strings of Christmas lights they are using which provides poor light to begin with were out. It was very cold which means hurrying to put stuff in and get stuff out, but no light so frozen fingers. Someone had a flash light, so helped me get my locker opened to get to my flashlight, then I helped two people with mine. Then the lights came back on. This happens fairly often. Jury rigging with strings of Christmas lights, what could go wrong? I had no one pour coffee into my locker, put their muddy robe hanging over it or drape their wet jeans over it last night, something must be wrong in the universe.
This is how we have to live and it is not the weather that makes us catch pathogens. I suppose if I complained to Dan about the lights being out often he would say it was my fault because I had not wired the Conex boxes and installed the lights. Of course, I have the authority to make these decisions and do whatever I want, you know since I can’t generally sit in a damn chair in the morning or even bring in crocheting or my laptop so I can write, oh and FFS can’t bring in more than what can fit into a gallon size baggie at one time, but it’s all my fault, everything. Let’s not forget that I am not allowed to do any chores until 7 AM.

The Crazy Shower Wars of 2016 Seem to be Continuing Through 2017.

Last night there were two people signed up for the three shower stalls at 7 PM, I was the only one signed up for 7:10 PM. I went into the bathroom early right after 7 PM. There were three people in the shower. Often our times run over as they only allow ten minutes for a shower, what those of us with common courtesy do is simply get our showers done as fast as we can and move on so others can shower, especially if they are waiting. I expect to wait some, but this was ridiculous. These women knew people were waiting and took around ½ hour. One of them got angry when I mentioned the other woman had an appointment she needed to get to and said, ”I need at least 15 minutes to shave and I won’t be played that way.” What the hell that even means in this situation I do not know. I have had women intentionally go into the showers so I could not get in and they were not showering. This has all gone on since I got there and greatly increases my health problems due to the orthostatic issues. They could care less. But it is frustrating for everyone because they come to shower and find they will not get in for a long time. We all run over but most of us care that someone is waiting and try to hurry rather than just sit there and socialize.
I got tachycardic, nauseous and dizzy secondary to Postural Tachycardia Syndrome while standing there which happens a lot, due to low blood volume which is typical of ME/cfs because I had to stand there so long. Leaving the bathroom means you lose your spot waiting, so it is hard to tell the staff. I was told one of the main reasons they have all this extra staff now was to supervise the women’s dorm and showers, that never happens unless someone goes and gets them and even then it may not. There are many arguments over the showers, I tend to report the problems to staff rather than argue because there is not point to it, they are egocentric. 

Riotous Dorm.
It was nuts in the women’s dorm last night. Intoxicants slurring and yelling and quite a bit of crazy behavior. It’s like a junior high school slumber party. This is SOP. 

Propaganda Abounds. 
The news media propaganda about the homeless getting housing continues. A reporter told me that just repeating press releases from the shelters is journalism when I had told her that not verifying what they told her was not.This is SOP for Boise Idaho journalism.

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