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Staff At The Interfaith Sanctuary Allow Behaviors That Cause Sleep Deprivation, Let The Publishing Begin

You can see by the video that I am exhausted and it was not from lack of sleep from one night, it took weeks to get into this shape. The non-profit industrial complex in Boise Idaho treats the homeless like garbage. They allow conditions that prevent sleep and then after it goes on a long period of time and someone complains the get the, who the hell do you think you are treatment.


It is time to start telling the story once again of the crazy conditions and abuse of the homeless in Boise Idaho. And so I shall.If not me, then who.

Over a long period of time I have written about what has gone on, but not published it hoping the threat of doing so would change their decisions, their behaviors and protect the vulnerable homeless from being traumatized more. That tactic did not work. Now I will turn to citizen journalism, publishing begins. I will be retaliated against on more than one level. Someone has to find the courage to tell the truth about how the homeless are treated in Boise Idaho and all over the country.

In Boise one must stay in a shelter if homeless, it is illegal to sleep outside. The police just as they do about many other abuses say they rarely use that law to ticket or incarcerate the homeless. Then why is it I hear so much about it happening? How about some stats on that BPD.
I will be discussing just one of the many things that happen to prevent the homeless from sleeping. This is especially true of the women in warehouse shelters, the Interfaith Sanctuary is in that category. Women last night were telling me how years ago the men had showers and a bathroom and the women had no showers along with having to go outside to use porta-pottys. The women are always put in the noisiest spots, like next to the laundry room because we are an afterthought, second class citizens. I do not know the history here, but in many places the warehouse shelters were sued because they refused to take homeless women, so they reluctantly and angrily have a few beds. The first time I came to the Interfaith Sanctuary I had a spot on the floor in the freezing cold with people stepping on me and kicking me as they only had three spots for women and they were right at the desk. I had already been very traumatized by how I was treated the first night of my arrival. Little did I know they had more planned for me. Now they have women in a small room across from the main desk, but with the top part of the wall open to the laundry room which runs at night.
For several weeks a woman in the women's dorm has had her cell phone set to alarm between 3:15 AM and 5:15 AM, there are times when it went off every fifteen minutes four times. That would be an hour. Recently it has gone off at 4:15 AM and then again at 4:30 AM. She claims she is going to work and must get up and that staff in the past did not wake her. I have no idea if this is true because much of the claims are illogical. The staff are unable to detect the illogicality of the scenario.
Myself and others are very sleep deprived. As you can see from the video I am very exhausted looking. I was recently very sick, the sleep deprivation is the not whole story, but a great deal of it.
Most normal people would automatically know that when sharing a room with twenty-one other women they cannot leave their cell phone sounds on to wake the others. There are people in Boise Idaho who are so egocentric they will even answer a phone call at 3 AM that has already awakened everyone and just lay there in the bed talking into the thing.

The things that have happened in the past are unbelievable from a woman in the bunk under me with vaginal odor so bad I would be awakened by it and start gagging and she had other women get into the bed with her, it rocked like an earthquake. Staff took no action, she called me a “fucking bitch” every morning, made up false things to report to staff attempting to get me in trouble, she threatened to assault me and others. They allowed this to go on for months until she threatened staff, oh, then sudden immediate action was taken. She organized mobbings against me in the conex box where my locker was. She was the second woman to do this, the other one is still there causing problems. I have a recording of the smelly va-jay-jay woman threatening to assault someone like she did to me. Finally I contacted the police and filed a report. There was another person who called me a “fucking bitch” every day for a long time, not only did staff do nothing, but they gave him one of their trustee jobs so he could have more power to bully people. Not too long ago he kicked the glass of a bus door so it cracked. The people of Boise. There is much more material than this.
Yesterday I got up right after the 4:15 AM cell phone alarm went off. I went out to talk to staff who in the past have said they would do something on multiple occasions. This is like the sociopath who plays loud music late at night in an apartment building who turns the music down when the police pull into the parking lot. The times the alarm goes off are changed around. The one this morning claimed he has sat outside the door and waited for the cell phone alarm to go off. How many times? Once? What time? 

This has gone on for weeks, the staff have done nothing. Have the staff been told to do nothing by a director has harassed me in a serial way over a long period of time due to the cell phone alarm affecting me the most. I recently asked him to stop as he was putting on a show for the volunteers once again.

The shift supervisors have known, the case managers have known and apparently told people they would do something, nope. I know Dan Ault knows because I told him in the dorm while the woman was there. I have severe PTSD on top of sleep disorders associated with ME/cfs and the sleep problems associated with being very intelligent. I do not take medications for PTSD, the treatment for late stage is living life as best you can. I learned from Vietnam Vets to concentrate my attention on something to get to sleep due to the circulating memories of trauma of which I have much. This also helps the sleep disorders of the intelligent as we think in tracks which causes one thought to lead to another. If I focus on something it slows that down. I was drawing on my silent cell phone which also had the light turned down trying to get sleepy enough to fall asleep. One of the sleep disorders of ME/cfs is called, ‘tired but wired’, we are exhausted but can’t go to sleep and certainly after being awakened every morning for weeks and then of course not being able to sleep after this I was very exhausted and having even more difficulty than usual getting to sleep.

I’m sure Terry Reilly would prefer I take some health harming medication for sleep but I prefer to make good choices about my health. That was sarcasm, as Terry Reilly fired me as a patient as if I was coming back after I publicly said the director who is a family practice doctor can’t claim his specialty is mental health, that would be a psychiatrist. I also publicly said they gave me two misdiagnoses within a few minutes of arriving at their clinic and they did.
I have explained the sleep disorders, so here is the incident. I was drawing on my cell phone using a app. Dan Ault came in to tell me to turn it off. I called him back over and said, Dan why is it drawing on my cell phone which makes no sound is a problem, but a cell phone alarm going off every morning and waking everyone up is OK? Dan just wandered off.
Yesterday I got up right after the 4:15 AM cell phone alarm went off. I went out to talk to staff who in the past have said they would do something. This situation is like the immature neighbor who plays loud music late at night in an apartment building that turns the music down when the police pull into the parking lot. The times the alarm starts have changed around. The staff this morning claimed he has sat outside the door and waited for the cell phone alarm to go off. How many times? Once? But at the same time, he also tried to tell me it was not a problem for it to go off. Really? There are twenty-one other women in the dorm and we get told to turn our cell phones off by Dan Ault, why is it OK for this woman to steal our sleep from us for weeks. Why is that allowed? Who would think this was an appropriate thing to do?
When I got up no staff was to be found so I went to the bathroom. When I came out, no staff. I finally saw one outside through the window. He saw me at the desk and came in. There were apparently two staff on, I have no idea where the other one was. I tell the guy about the cell phone going off, that it has gone on for weeks and that reliable people have told me she threatened others she would set her alarm to go off every hour. Then another woman came out and said exhausted and exasperated, “The cell phone.” I was not there, but this staff did go and ask her to turn the cell phone off, then it was reported that she began to scream at him, I was not there. If I did this they would throw me out. Others have been thrown out for this and much less, what gives? I was told this morning by another staff person that she is using the alarm to get up and go to work, it had gone off twice at this point and she was still in the bed when the staff came to ask her to turn it off which is the usual scenario. Capiche? She did not get up to get herself ready for work.
I got back on my bunk at that point not knowing about the yelling. The cell phone went off again. She announced loudly, “Now everyone is awake!” This is the kind of behavior they allow. People lose their beds at the Interfaith Sanctuary if they forget to make them, if they forget it is the day they are supposed to stay and do a chore. Why is this woman allowed to keep us from sleeping for weeks and then pull a stunt like having the alarm go off again obviously intentionally right after staff asks her to turn it off and then she screams at him? What in the hell?
Last night right after lights out her phone was going off. This morning the phone again alarmed at 4:15 AM, at 4:29 AM the staff person came into the dorm and I thought, OK maybe he will hear when it goes off at 4:30 AM. Nope he left and she had turned it off, most likely when she saw him walk in. It is possible someone got up to inform him, I do not know. When this phone goes off many of us are up for the day, but she often keeps sleeping or stays on the bed with the alarm going off again and again. Does that sound like a person who is desperate to get up and get to work on time?

As I was talking to staff this morning she comes and rudely interrupted, stating, “She can’t keep complaining about it.” I explained that I would keep complaining about it, that there are twenty-one other women in the dorm and she had no right to keep waking us all up every morning. She said at some point the staff had not awakened her and she was late for work. The staff that was on said when he was on he would be sure to wake her up. Then later he stated that he had taken care of the problem. No, he has not. There were statements made by her such as, “You have no idea who I am.” Then I replied that she did not know who I am. That was a veiled threat that she made, BTW. She began to lecture me with the usual BS used to justify the lack of supervision in the shelter by staff, "This is a homeless shelter..." blah, blah, blah. Staff said nothing. Then she made this statement, “You probably sit over at Corpus Christi all day and eat.” At some point she said if she is late for work, "heads will roll." Staff has been nasty to me, but allowed her to say this with not one damn comment. Really? What is going on here?

This is a working poor mentality, they have a crappy job so now use that to look down on others. She knows nothing about my work history, I worked hard with health problems, worked my way through college, no help. Then I even went to work while suffering for years, decades. When I became very ill I worked part time and survived on that. Then I got PTSD from my work on top of ME/cfs, being a DES daughter and having Interstitial Cystitis. Who in the hell does she think she is and what the hell is wrong with the staff?


In Boise, just about anyone can get a crappy job, that is no big feat, they are begging for employees. I never go to Corpus Christi due to immune system problems, they have Dyson blowers in the bathrooms known to rapidly distribute pathogens, there are un-bathed people who rub up against others, out of control dogs, too many people jammed in the building, massive behavior problems, people talking non-stop often about nothing. I like many of the people and would like to sit and talk with them, but then there are the bullies, drunks, sociopaths and people who are high. I don’t even go over there to get my mail anymore.
The only time I go to Corpus Christi is if the Children’s and Women’s Alliance thrift store, The Shop, is having a bag sale. I find a couple things for myself and then fill the bag with various sizes of clothing I think others will find attractive because I do and bring the clothes over for their clothes closet.
Staff said nothing about the veiled threat nor the bullying statements to her. He allowed it. She got loud and then he goes, “Ladies” as if I was talking loudly too. Do not put me in the same behavior category, EVER, not after all this time of being forced to endure the horrible behaviors while nothing was done! This is my reaction to your abuse, writing about it, making a video, telling the public THE TRUTH and I am sick to death of this crap. I will report it to the public. There will be retaliation, of that I can be sure.
Here is a short compilation that was made after I reported some police abuse. It captured a statement I made at the Office of Police Oversight, “I speak up, I tell the stories.” This is who I am, never ever put me in any the category of people who intentionally do things to harm others.

The staff is unable to add 1+1 and get 2. The alarms go off every day, does she work every day? Why would the alarms need to go off on her day off? The times for the alarms have been changed several times. Is her schedule variable? She often does not get up when the alarms go off. She did not turn the phone off when asked to by staff, instead she allowed it to go off again and then loudly said that now everyone is awake. That should have explained to them what is going on. The intel is that while having a bed in another area of the dorm she told people she would set her alarm to go off every hour and play music all night. The sources were reliable, but will be protected.
I have had people threaten to assault me at that shelter and staff takes no action. I have a recording of one of them threatening to assault someone else. I filed a police report over the harassment. For some time now, I have been being harassed by a man who comes in drunk every night and is so intoxicated he may not be able to form memories of his behavior. Not one damn is given and he is what I call one of their trustees. After all, homeless shelters are essentially night prisons and gangs of bullies are allowed to prey upon others. Someone call Dr. Zimbardo.
One night a very intoxicated man who had blood on his hand was stumbling around the Conex box where my locker is incoherantly. Imagine enduring this kind of crap everyday. The attitude if you complain is that you can leave. They love those who endanger others. I was trying to get my stuff out for showering. Staff came and was trying to get him in the building to wash the hand. No warning was given about the bloody hand. Rather than walk he was so drunk he slammed into the lockers, I saw the blood and ran to protect myself. Night before last a very besotted man, as I stood at my locker lifted the biggest suitcase I have ever seen up over my head attempting to put it on top of the lockers and dropped it. He then asked the drunken fella who harasses me to help him, he refused and made a comment that the suitcase would not fit in my crotch. This is what goes on. When I reported this scenario to one of the case managers she had a flat affect, no comment, no question, no reaction and as far as I know no action was taken. Did it even register how unsafe that was? They are clearly not trauma-aware, but instead have a policy of trauma-causing. Do they think having drunk men harass women is OK? It appears they do since it has been allowed to go on and on and on for years.If I had the ability to be autonomous I could protect myself from them if I was autonomous, but they do not allow that instead forcing people to be at risk of being harmed physically and psychologically. If I called the police or took any action they would throw me out and have told me so in the past.

If I had any other place to go I would be out of there in a second. Here in Boise, the homeless and low income people are given little options, more on that another time. There are women who are decent, nice people trapped in this shelter in these conditions that have been there for years while the city and state tell people there is housing and while the shelter system and federally mandated programs tell the lie that many homeless people are getting housing. There is only a teeny amount of low income housing and most of it was given to the immigrants. I am not xenophobic, but would like some answers as to why people in Boise have been homeless for so long, but the housing was not provided for them, then there was a large influx of immigrants who took up all the housing. Mayor Bieter needs to answer for that.

Someone told me about a subsidized complex having their list open a couple days ago, it’s only the lists that are opening and some of them require a deposit to even be on the damn list, I called, the manager said it would be two to three years before I might be called. That is all there is, the agencies tell people they have help, no they do not. These women who are simply poor have been forced to live in concentration camp conditions being preyed upon, have access to mostly unhealthy food and have had health problems created they would not have had if they had shelter of their own. That is what they United States does to it's own people, the poor elderly, the mentally ill, the disabled, it is shameful. I find this horrifying, but I also must experience it and observe it daily.
This is the beginning. I will be posting about current and past issues after what has gone on the past two days. There are many women who are witnesses to this. If anything happens to me please tell the police there are many witnesses as to what was going on. Some of the witnesses are good honest women. If the BPD takes no action please put pressure on other agencies to make them investigate.


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