Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Abuse, Harassment, Menacing, No Sleep, Shaking Bed Due to Visitors In The Bed Under Me

Each night I get into bed hoping to be able to go to sleep as early as possible due to being severely sleep deprived for weeks from my bunk being shook through most of the nights. It’s like being at sea during a storm or an earthquake.
I have been so severely sleep deprived for weeks I can barely function and have fallen several times including while trying to get on a bus. I fell this morning while wearing a heavy backpack. My neurological symptoms have gotten very bad so I drop things constantly. I feel like I’m going to die. On multiple occasions, I have complained about this problem and no intervention was taken, but instead I was bullied by staff and lies were told about me. She wakes up at about 1:30 or 2 AM and the bed starts rocking. A couple weeks ago, a nearby person in the dorm says she watches the bed and it looks like an earthquake to her the way the bed moves.
Me/cfs has hundreds of symptoms which is why almost no doctor knows a thing about it. One of the symptoms is a chronic sore throat. I also have Interstitial Cystitis. Imagine being in a homeless shelter with these health issues. The cough drops have menthol which make the symptoms of the IC worse, so I must limit them. On top of the normal ME/cfs sore throat are the allergic and vasomotor rhinitis symptoms caused by the shelter air. The women’s dorm is across from the laundry room, the machines are run 22 hours a day. Yes there is the noise. Often the bleach fumes from that or the mop buckets are very toxic and there are other toxic things in the air. The fans blow dust and cause vasomotor rhinitis as does bleach, so my symptoms get much worse, especially when my head is put down to go to sleep.
With ME/cfs we have frequent vascular headaches due to low blood volume and I can’t do most of the things needed to prevent them, migraines also cause a running nose which makes the sore throat worse. Long ago I explained to staff why I can’t use very many cough drops so substitute hard candies. I was told that was not a problem. Everything is fluid at the Interfaith Sanctuary, today this is the rule, tomorrow it’s that and oh yea we aren’t going to tell you of the change, the rules only apply to certain people and in my case, are either eliminated or added to try and run me out of the shelter. ADA is not abided unless the person has some kind of gear. All those with invisible disabilities are not believed even when a note is brought from a doctor, an ADA violation. Anything that involves the germ theory of disease appears to violate their policies.  
I was almost asleep when two staff came into the dorm and were next to the beds. At first it seemed they were looking at her, then I realized they are talking to me but I had ear plugs in and take one out. I am asked if I am eating candy. Immediately I know where that came from. That person below me use to bring food in and pile it on her bed and has been harassing me about my sore throat treatments while I ignored her. I did not inform on her for having food as there are more pressing issues due to her severe behavior problems and the horrible odor she gives off, but she probably thinks I did. While she is eating she doesn’t talk. I doubt the staff noticed the food themselves as they miss things like gallon size water jugs. Yes, that was quite hilarious and I did demonstrate how a woman was drinking out of it with two hands holding it. The things that go on are hard to believe but true.
Then there were the two younger men on staff treating me, the older woman, one of the few who is not in the adolescent stage of development in that dorm like a child after I complained about her abuse over a period of weeks and told them I was just ignoring her. They were clueless as to what had been going on or that this woman is a sociopath and probably has a second personality disorder. I had been ignoring her behavior over a long period of time and had informed staff she was trying to start trouble which she has done with many people. They in fact moved someone away from her because they are clueless and thought the other woman was the problem. At the Interfaith Sanctuary, the person who reports the problem is to be targeted, the problem is OK with them. She is very menacing and nasty. Nothing was done about it. I continued to just ignore her and had to endure the torture every night of not being able to sleep, being called foul names, being menaced and gagged by her odor. I explain to the two staff what I am using the hard candies for to coat my throat so I can go to sleep if the bed ever stops shaking. I then became infuriated at how they were treating me after this all could go on over a period of weeks and told them every night she wakes me between 1:30 AM and 4 AM or several times shaking the bed for hours, then in the morning when I get up she calls me a fucking bitch. She also comes in and stands looking at me and my bed as if she is looking for something or just stands there staring at me in a menacing way.
If other women are around she calls me foul names and tells them all kinds of illogical crap that makes no sense trying to start something and acts in a menacing way. I just ignored her, but I have been warned she has a history of assault. Night before last when the staff did her bidding to harass me they gave her license to escalate this behavior. I explained that to them but even now doubt that they get it. Why would I be surprised by this when for many months they allowed me to be mobbed by a group of women last winter. Why would I be surprised when those in the higher positions at the shelter have also bullied me and it has been recent including last night.
When her stunt did not result in my being removed from my bunk so she could be free of me reporting the bed shaking she intentionally kept me awake all night. Last night along with lots of other inappropriate comments Dan Ault told me that I was living with 22 other women in the dorm as if it was me that was the problem and just complaining about normal stuff because he can’t listen, take action or make an appropriate decision, he can only bully me.
I got up at one point to tell the night shift staff what was going on and how pissed I was. There was no one there at the desk. I went to the bathroom and came back, still no one. This morning staff said she was there. I told her no she was not and there was another person there when I went to the desk and who he was. She said she was there when he was. No, she was not then, but he is at the desk a lot at night and she could have been in another place in the shelter. What I told her was the truth, I never lie.
Sunday morning this is what I saw when I got up. Keep in mind staff, including Dan Ault were told over a long period of time. 

 It may not have just been her mumbling.

On top of all of that for weeks this person had body odor to the point of my gagging and it was from a particular body part. I complained to staff over and over. After weeks one shower that I know of was taken. The odor was so bad that when the linens were stripped from the bed it was still there and lingered in the bathroom stalls she used as well. I did not tell this story for a very long time trying to be respectful even while being intentionally harmed and while the staff was neglectful, but after the obvious attempt to harm me last night and the staff facilitating it and being harassed by Dan Ault when I come into the shelter under the guise of helping me I decided to tell the whole truth.
Yesterday I attended a hearing in Bethel Alaska by phone to try and prevent a lawyer who harmed me from becoming their judge. I believed I would have to do this while the judge facilitating the hearing tried to stop me from telling the truth, so it was stressful, but he did not do that as he had in the last hearing. Being so sleep deprived I was afraid of how I would sound and was unable to say much due to being so sleep deprived. This is the second of four hearings. The first one happened Saturday while I was sleep deprived, but not as bad. There are two later this week and for one two of those who helped have me wrongfully imprisoned are trying to become judges. The way the shelter is run makes everything hard to do, causes anxiety and stress and traumatizes people. There are some very vulnerable people at that shelter who when bullied by these sociopaths just leave and stay outside even in the winter when it is freezing cold. I watched that last winter.
The civil cases I brought with me to try and get justice and turn around false negative issues with regard to housing were thrown away by the bad decisions of the staff at Interfaith Sanctuary due to treating the decent homeless as non-humans. That was years of work and hard fought for FOIA request results they stole from me. Rather than case management to help people get housing they instead make it much harder. The paperwork needed to rent a place to live also gets thrown out and the process to get everything replaced can be quite a bit of work, many have had their personal documents thrown away. This makes it hard for those looking for work as well. Then when I continue my fight by trying to stop those who harmed me in Alaska from harming others the shelter can’t even let me get some sleep. How on earth do they expect people to do anything, get housing, get a job, anything without sleep and while being constantly, CONSTANTLY emotionally abused. The Interfaith Sanctuary is constant severe domestic violence and it is worse for me than others. Many people end up homeless after being traumatized and then are traumatized at shelters over and over. Interfaith Sanctuary has two serial bullies on staff who have done this for years by their actions of lack of actions.
Last night this woman banged and tapped on the bed while shaking it. She screamed at other people in the dorm demanding they do as she said. She now wears some brace on her foot and uses a cane. I suspect this could be an act to get out of chores or manipulate as she has others make her bed for her. She has a cane, first she took someone else’s and staff had to get it from her. That cane is not a safe thing as she could easily become assaultive which should be something social workers would be able to determine but why is it they can’t? I was in danger and the staff did not care.
She wakes me very early, then I can’t go back to sleep so just wait until time to get up doing without sleep for weeks and weeks while the people who run the shelter are abusive if I complain about it. When I started getting my stuff together to get up she would harass me and call me foul names, every morning, sometimes even coming out into the main area later to continue making nasty remarks. The staff allowed this.
I have no idea what it was about but suddenly this morning there was yelling form the staff office. Someone asked if it was that woman and I said it sounded like her. It was unbelievable the things she was saying, you know just so much like what she has said to me for weeks. She was very aggressively yelling loudly and calling the staff the same foul names she called me for weeks. Then the staff tells her to leave the shelter and she is thrown out, to go get her stuff. She says, “I will not leave!” She leaves the office and goes to her bunk. I still had my stuff on mine and seeing as she is a sociopath I felt there was a danger of theft or damage, so went to stand by in the hallway. For some odd reason, she got one of her slaves to fold her blanket before she left which makes no sense unless she thinks Dan will protect her, so interesting. If that is the case it explains why she could harm me all this time.  I waited for her to get her stuff outside and leave the property before going outside with my things due to a possible assault.   
He told me to look for housing on Craigslist. Oh, I’m familiar with Craigslist and barnies aka customers of prostitution. I also have a fairly high IQ as I explained to Dan. But really, this is his magical plan for finding housing? I have been on Craigslist for years and have searched all over the country for housing. Over the last year in Boise I used Craigslist so I can explain that at the library they often get blocked. I used Craigslist to track a psychopath who stole from me several different ways, helped set me up to be wrongfully imprisoned, starved and tortured my cat and facilitated his brother file a false police report and perjure himself in court, it worked great. I also got screen shots of his ads for prostitution and posted them on line from Craigslist. The police in Homer Alaska thought I was crazy when I told them he was involved in prostitution and used Craigslist, yep they are either customers or very slow. The slow part is well documented.
Dan does this psycho thing when I come in where he harasses me for about twenty minutes saying the same things over and over. He use to follow me down the little hallway saying those things when no one else was there until one day I yelled, “If you think that you’re delusional” and “Stop being crazy.” That was the same hall he punched a homeless man in wasn’t it, but I was not a witness until the man came outside and called the cops, guess he got thrown out since they don’t allow use to call the police, especially after being assaulted by staff. He was talking to dispatch, “Yea, Dan assaulted me” as blood dripped off him. What I said to people was I expected to be the one he assaulted but my vagina must have protected me.
Yesterday the same staff that was on this morning when I complained about the behaviors and that the staff must be condoning it said none of them would condone that. Then I said why was something not done about it, no response. Then I said it was certain Dan was condoning it and she tells me that she knew Dan and he did not. Yes, Dan and other staff do condone it otherwise they would have done something. Action was only taken when she targeted another person, then she was thrown out due to her behavior towards the staff. That first night something should have been done. Things are not right at that shelter, nor are they safe. Dan likes to harass me by saying, “Celia, I’m so happy you feel safe to come back and stay here.” Dan is not happy I am there which is why he harasses me. I tell him no it is not safe, then I get told I can go to City of Lights or he wants to know why I come back. I say, “I’m homeless and this is the homeless shelter.” He has done this crazy crap for months. Now he is on some kick of harassing me about finding housing. He says illogical things about how he finds so much housing. Housing is easy to find, finding low income housing not so much, finding housing for those with social disabilities in Boise Idaho is nearly impossible. I ask him for a list, none is given. Last night he says he is reluctant to give people housing information unless they are in case management. I’ve been in their case management, no thanks.  I told him she is a sociopath but he might not know what that means because he’s a social worker. Hehe. I have social worker stories that will make your hair curl. Crazy stuff.
Dan dismissed my complaints about not sleeping that it had affected my health or that I had caught three viruses from her in a two-week period due to her poor personal hygiene. They like to gaslight a t that shelter, more on this later. When I told Dan I was sick he sarcastically goes, “Always, always.” What an ass. I have ME/cfs and live in pathogens. The policies of that shelter are part of the problem.
There is a clique of people from the Cooper Court tents who come into the shelter in the winter if they are not in prison. They cause all kinds of problems and among them are several sociopaths. When they arrive, the rules are not followed, the staff does not enforce them and they abuse the decent people. One of them kept coming into the women’s dorm last night yelling and carrying on when the rule is if one does not have a bed in there to stay out. That rule is enforced for others but not for them. It was a nightmare last winter. Some of the Cooper Court people were decent people, disabled and with other issues, but some are a big problem. When the old director of Interfaith Sanctuary felt the Cooper Court people were dangerous I now understand what she meant. They let her menace me for weeks. If I am assaulted by this woman there is going to be hell to pay.
Last night when I went into the Conex box where the lockers are this woman and her clique were in there and she began to call me all kinds of names and said things about me drinking coffee in the main area in the morning. It was the same stuff she says to me, but she was louder due to her clique that she controls being there. She said this, “She gets up at 5 AM and sits in the lobby drinking fucking coffee.” I know how could I do such a thing, someone call the police immediately. This was all she could come up with about me for bullying. I don’t get up at 5 AM, it is 5:15 AM unless I oversleep which never happens with her and I may have already been awake for hours before this time due to her shaking the bed.
This morning while I was sitting “in the lobby drinking fucking coffee” a woman whose bed is in a spot to observe what goes on told me why the bed shakes. She has woman who get into the bed with her in the middle of the night. I said that explains it. It is really gross considering the odor wafting. They let this go on for weeks, I couldn’t see it due to it being below me. I did see women kind of duck down towards her bed but thought they were talking to her. OMG! There was a problem over in the family side not too long ago of people doing things one would not do in front of others or sleeping in a room with others and especially when children are present. It went on for quite a while without them being believed. Then they changed the double beds to singles. Telling the truth and not being believed is a chronic problem at Interfaith Sanctuary. Telling the truth and being gaslighted there is quite pathological. 
Yesterday I questioned someone at BPD about the definition of harassment in Idaho. Then I said I would call them when it got really bad again. It was bad this morning and the staff told me if I called the police I would be thrown out of the shelter. They do not do their job, allow harassment, menacing and more but we can't even call the police without retaliation? Is that even legal? 


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