Friday, December 16, 2016

Interfaith Sanctuary Bullying Continues in a Most Illogical Way and the Crazy Continues

Some of the people at the shelter get up early, like normal people because we were not doing drugs or drinking the day before, some like to stay in bed until time to leave the shelter no matter their status, sometimes someone is still there after time to leave. Most of those who get up early were not up past lights out talking and making noise keeping others awake, we may have been awake however because of the noise. So we get up early and some go outside to smoke, some leave and some go into the main room to find a chair to sit in. I have ME/cfs with dizziness and nausea in the AM along with fatigue which is made worse by being kept awake and the horrible lifestyle I am forced to live as a homeless person in Boise Idaho. Sometimes it is staff in the hall or laundry room yelling and keeping us awake, this is true as hard as it is to imagine. They also open the doors to the laundry room which is directly across from the women’s dorm to get the buckets and mops so we freeze and that wakes us up. 

I am one of the people who goes to the main room early most days, unless I am sick or severely sleep deprived, so don’t wake up. I wipe a chair down with a wet tissue to at least get the food from the night before off. It’s generally dark. We try to be quiet but the chairs are uncooperative. The early risers wait until they bring out the coffee, it does not always appear, we were told one night the coffee pot was lost and it has been broken in the past. 

With ME/cfs we can have brain fog and it takes a larger amount of brain tissue to form a thought with us than normal people. That is one of the reasons for our fatigue, the brain has 20% of the mitochondria and my brain takes extra energy. This also explains my thinking process, if a thought takes a larger part of the brain to form it connects to more parts of the brain and accesses more memories. This explains why my stories are so detailed, the constant extra information that pops in from more than normal connections involved in the thought. Coffee helps with the fatigue and the nausea. The sitting helps with the nausea and dizziness because that is mainly due to low blood volume. I am not the only one who does not function well in the morning. It is hard enough without some staff trying to shame me for drinking coffee. Why?

When I asked the staff if this policy came from her as I expected she said yes, and haughtily said it was the polite thing to do. Really now? Considering all the unpolite things that go on this is what you are targeting? Coffee drinking? Really? In fact they allow a massive barrage of un-politeness which includes smoking in the Conex boxes where the lockers are which goes on even when children are present (fuck you is received if you ask them not to), people talking in the dorms at night, people intentionally slamming into others, people making nasty derogatory comments, horrible body odors from unwashed people that goes on for weeks, it is impossible to take a shower in the allotted ten minutes so most of us just hurry as fast as we can, but some go in there and stay a long time while we are lined up outside the door waiting, a woman called me a “fucking bitch” every morning when I got up, she also had other women in her bed at night shaking the bunk beds we shared like an earthquake so I had little sleep for weeks. These things went on and continue with little intervention, but drinking a fucking cup of coffee is what they pick as the unpolite activity. She wants to label the wrong people as being not polite just like Dan did when he announced months ago, to the crowded main room that I never say thank you, which is the complete opposite of the truth, a lie, a slander. 

Then there are all the other problems like one staff who goes psycho and starts screaming or talking to me like I’m an idiot. I am a very intelligent woman which is one of the reasons I’m homeless. If I was an idiot people would not have worked so hard to harm this truth teller/whistleblower and run her out of Alaska. Certainly, John Earthman the prosecutor in Nome Alaska would not have had me wrongfully imprisoned for filing an appeal with the help of a cadre of drunken public defenders if I was an idiot.  

The last few days have been crazy at the shelter with some disturbing and traumatic issues, including overflowing flooding toilets and I tried to mop the disgusting mess up but it kept flowing. A crazy unconscious person scenario to name just a couple. BTW, it is QUITE IMPOLITE, QUITE IRRESPONSIBLE, QUITE INCONSIDERATE, QUITE DAMAGING TO THE PROPERTY for women to put their insertion guides from their tampons, paper towels and other things in the toilets to plug up the pipes. Placing graffiti in a bathroom stall or ripping one of the doors off a stall is QUITE IMPOLITE, ok, those things are very assholey, but you get the point. These things go on but coffee drinking is the real problem for the staff at the shelter. 

FFS! The reason for this idiocy is bullying and some are serial bullies. This is a problem in most homeless shelters because they are essentially night prisons designed by the federal government's system, the non-profit industrial complex used to manage the homeless population and have the same old Zimbardo prison experiment problems as prisons. 
A night shift guy who just moved to the evening shift would bring the coffee out for the early risers then go turn the lights on to wake the others. We got a cup of coffee and dispersed so the coffee pot was cleared for those who woke up to come and easily get some. The difference in time was minutes but facilitated the flow of traffic, the way it is done now causes a very long line. Standing in line makes me more dizzy and nauseous and other have similar issues, that is why they drag their asses slowly and can barely get a folding chair to sit in.

This morning the night shift staff turned the lights on and made us stand there in line waiting while she went over to the family side. That was most certainly NOT POLITE of her, in fact it was very disrespectful. Then she announced we could only have one cup until everyone in the shelter had one. The people who want coffee get up and come get some. The lights were just turned on so they know the coffee is normally out, but not when this woman is in charge. She told the women who come out to get a cup of coffee they can’t take it back with them into the dorm, there are limited places to put a chair to sit and there are men on the floor having slept there all night in the same room. I would not take my coffee in the dorm as I have neurological issues that cause me to spill, so only water goes by my bunk. 

The crowding of course gets worse in the shelter when the weather is cold like right now. We get a chair and search for some little spot to put it where we are not in the way, but when it is so crowded this can be impossible. Sitting by the door right now doesn’t work due to a blast of freezing air every time it opens which is very frequent. 

While all this went on she allowed many people to bring purses, bags and backpacks into the shelter which is not allowed for several reasons and I don’t think she noticed even one of them. The exclusion of important enforcement of rules, while adding new rules to facilitate bullying has already begun with her. Interfaith Sanctuary SOP.

Just got an email about rapid re-housing for the homeless, you know something that does not happen and threw them back quite a rant. So sick of the lies. 


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