Monday, December 19, 2016

Torture By Fan, Little Sleep, Mobbing, Bullying, Caused Pain, Illness

There is more to the story, it has been hell week at the Interfaith Sanctuary. Part of the problem with the flare up was a mentally ill woman being allowed to spray bleach all over the bathroom. The staff gaslighted me on that one too. Some of them are clueless and lack empathy yet are allowed to bully others and have power over their lives. Bleach can cause vasomotor rhinitis and most certainly chlorine is toxic. .As I keep saying, it is like Zimbardo's prison experiment and homeless shelters are essentially night prisons. The poor elderly, the disabled, the addicted, the intellectually impaired are subject to massive abuse, bullying and harm to their health.

For the last two days, a very large fan on the ceiling has been turned on and then aimed in the direction of the area I sleep in. Someone said it had been on the day before, but since it was not aimed at me I never noticed it. Night before last it was freezing cold in the dorm so I thought they had the doors to the laundry room opened. After a while I finally got up to see what was going on and someone told me it was the fan. I never noticed the fan because what kind of sadistic demon would turn on a fan when the temperature goes down in the single digits in the late hours and early morning. I could not have imagined such a thing. It was aimed at me and others in that area, and we have had much discussion in the past that the fan blowing on me causes vasomotor rhinitis, nose bleeds, vascular headaches and flares of CMV or other latent viruses, so they knew of the harm before it was turned on. It also keeps me from sleeping which contributes to the viral bloom. I have a chronic sore throat due to ME/cfs, causing my sinuses to run which makes it very painful. The blowing cold air also dries out nasal membranes making the uptake of viruses more likely. It can cause me to have a rather severe bloody nose­­­­­­.
Sleeping in an area where it is so windy that one must use chapstick is very strange. Having to wear jackets, hoods, hats like you are outside in a freezing cold dorm and being given just a plain blanket to cover yourself while blowing cold air all over when the dorm was already cold at night and can get very cold when they open the doors is sadistic. Announcing last night when they knew we were miserable that everyone can only have one blanket is the icing on the sadism.
They knew for at least two days that the fan was making people very cold. I asked staff to please at least turn it down to blow on the floor so it would not blow on people as it would make me very ill. No action was taken by the bullying, gaslighting staff. Both Tim and Dan knew last night at least and probably the day before. They took no action knowing it would make me sick and that the fan was making us cold. Others complained when staff was not there, but I am the one who has the courage to speak up, this makes me the target. When I complained to the staff she said to wear my jacket, not only did I have it on at the time, but we had been using our jackets to stay warmer before the damn fan was turned on. She also told me the fan was not blowing in my area, but it most certainly was, gaslighting 101. I gave her a simple solution of taking a broom and making the fan point down. She, a social work student at BSU decided to harm the health of others instead of doing something to help us. She has learned the SOP of the Interfaith Sanctuary from the two serial bullies in charge. This is not good for the community.
Dan suggested we wear sweatpants, jackets etc. He knew we were cold and the fan made us colder but that was just OK with him. He knew the fan would make me ill. In fact, yesterday when I woke up in pain I told the staff, I had already informed her at 12:30 AM and I got very little sleep for two nights. I left the shelter yesterday sobbing and that continued for hours due to the pain I was in, the exhaustion, the nausea and more, add the yearlong massive abusive treatment. Then I hid in the afternoon. I told them this and they left the fan on again last night. Then when I returned to the shelter I was mobbed because they are emotionally abusive and lack empathy.
I am now very ill and in a huge amount of pain. There are no regulations of homeless shelters in the United States, non-profits are unregulated and much abuse and safety issues go on. The non-profit industrial complex is allowed to harm the health of the homeless and with their abuse essentially kill people in many ways. Bullying, hypothermia, stress, pathogens (spread by fans, hands and in many other ways due to lack of understanding of the germ theory of disease and caring), lack of sleep, horrible health care, horrible food and the secondary symptom of trauma use of substances to kill the pain. There is massive cigarette smoking which is mostly unregulated so we are exposed to second hand smoke going in and out of the building and when we get in our lockers.
I was called into the office last night for a three on one mobbing while I had no witness or support. There was no warning that more people than Dan would be present. The student just sat there while Tim and Dan tried to intimidate me. I am an expert on bullying. They had a document with a list of rules they wanted me to sign, just like a bully boss would do with an evaluation or write up. It was so sick. For weeks Dan harassed me about case management as I came into the shelter. I have ME/cfs with POTS (postural tachycardia syndrome), I need to try to shower and go lay down, not be badgered. I have gone to some of their meetings and little gets done, one of them never showed for appointments, then in the end you find out they just want your personal information and have no help. As a homeless person I must walk all over and walking back to the shelter early to fill out one piece of paper is maddening. Dan told me he finds apartments on Craigslist…I know whoda thunk it. The problem is not finding them, it is getting people to rent to me. I have an incredible story of injustice and layer upon layer of trauma and the only reason I believe my story myself is having lived it.
 I have been abused so much by them there is no trust left at all. Their lack of respect and abuse destroyed my chances at justice and my attempt to prevent a malfeasant lawyer from becoming a judge. They would have to be insane after all they have done to harm me if they think I would have any trust in them at all. I do not have Stockholm Syndrome. What goes on at shelters is domestic violence, emotional abuse on steroids and they have no respect for the homeless. Why is this allowed?
Yesterday they announced we could come back to the shelter at 4:30 PM and I am very happy people have a place to go now, it is very cold. Last winter I was hypothermic several times and got frostbite on my toes. I could not believe Boise treated people like that. I kept falling due to the leg cramps, with ME/cfs we are susceptible to muscle tears and the cramping from the hypothermia tore my muscles.
 I was promised the fans would be off tongiht, but have been lied to so much my arrival will be later than that. Showing up early for more fan blowing would not be a good choice. They demanded I give an answer tonight to their attempts to get me into their case management. They got nothing. If they wanted to help me they could have done that long ago by helping me find housing, not throwing my civil cases in the dumpster and treating me like a non-human. They chose to bully me and torture me instead. By throwing out my civil cases they harmed my chances to get housing and tried to blame me for their actions. It was unconscionable.
I am a human being, a real person, intelligent, talented. I am homeless because people wanted me this way due to my being an ethical whistleblower and a political blogger, they still do. They wanted to hinder my ability to fight for justice and tell my stories. They knew with my health problems and then the added PTSD the abuse of the homeless shelters would likely kill me and they may be right
They announced in the newspaper that they do not require case management, but I was harassed for weeks and then the mobbing last night happened. They want access to my personal information including my SSDI. They want to force me into some budget to save money. I have a high IQ and have attempted to save money. Eating at soup kitchens is unhealthy most of the time and there are gastrointestinal issues there, then the massive sugar which causes large numbers of homeless people to develop diabetes mellitus. I must protect my health with supplements for ME/cfs and vegetables for the mitochondrial dysfunction of ME/cfs to try and not get sicker and stop them from killing me. They have tried to force their case management on others. Their actions have been the opposite of help for over a year, I could have used some help but all I got was abuse, illness and misery. Most of the homeless shelters are like this.
Now due to their actions I am very sick and hurting. They should be proud of themselves, once again their actions to harm me were successful. Now Leave me the fuck alone.

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