Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Banality of the Homeless US System is About Genocide, Some of US Were Forced Into Homelessness, ADA Violations at Interfaith Sanctuary

Over a long period of time I have written about my life as a homeless person, the injustice I suffered in Alaska and then the very strange harassment that has gone on for years including very strange mobbing behaviors at a USDA RD subsidized, predatory non-profit owned apartment complex in Soldotna Alaska. I have a much better understanding of that now. Apparently the JTTF/FUSION/FBI/CIA here in Idaho has started their Stasi tactics on me helping to make this clear, thanks for the intel, oh and of course it means I am telling the truth because why bother harassing and disrupting a person who lies or is crazy. They spend huge amounts of money on disrupting the lives of people who have pissed off politicians, community bullies, other forms of scum and as someone recently said, the “bad rich people in power.” It is a type of invisible occupying army.

Keep in mind the ultimate goal of the NJTTF is the death of those they make homeless. Now you are thinking, wait a minute, that means they know homeless people are dying. Yes, they do and why build low income housing when you can just keep the homeless in horrible conditions until they get hit by a car, have a cardiac event, stop breathing while in a ketoacidotic coma or have a stroke. Just fill up the low-income housing with immigrants, our own homeless people will die in the USA’s internal genocide, fueled by horrible paying jobs, unhealthy food that has caused people to become disabled, poor elderly who are abandoned by their country, opioid targeting of the homeless population, heavy psychotropic use for sedation, intentional traumatizing facilitated by the homeless shelters and prison system. Remember how the NAZIs went after the disabled first, and then progressed to those they perceived as others? Those vulnerable people who are in the shelters are the targets. 

BTW, homeless people get hit by cars often and it is not reported in the news here in Boise. Some of them are intoxicated and contributed to the accident, but the drivers here are unbelievable. The guy found dead in the canal had been hit by a car, was in a wheel chair, and had been doing lots of drinking, these are facts. There are rumors of a situation where he may have been targeted that are not known to me to be facts. The important thing to understand here is the news media all simply regurgitated the press release about him that left all the details out. 

I do not ever drink, nor use drugs. I must walk for much of my transportation. The drivers in Boise Idaho are very egocentric and numb nutted and I am very angry about the police not doing anything about how dangerous it is for pedestrians. I am nearly hit by a car every two to three days and I watch carefully for cars. They always give that Boise fake smile and a little wave right after they almost kill you, you know, the same smile all the minimum wage workers use due to not even being paid enough to have a place to live. Recently I was in the middle of a cross walk and a man was stopped at a stop sign, he gunned his engine and came at me, stopping about two feet from me. It was as if he waited and then wanted to scare me, hmmm. Last week I was crossing a street where a motorcycle cop was sitting at a red light in the front. I was part way through a cross walk and the light was on my side. A car cut right in front of me, the cop just sat there. I stopped and said he had just witnessed a traffic violation, but did nothing. He pretended not to hear me and I repeated it, he did the same thing. I have had a cop car cut me off and one run at me. What is the deal Boise Police Department and why does the news media not report anything about the homeless being hit by cars and other incidents? The genocide will not be televised. 

I have not written about much of my experiences and observations here in Boise Idaho as a homeless person due to hoping a little information would cause changes, some changes were made. The thing is one can’t make those who are in charge suddenly have empathy, they lack it and shall remain that way until their death. It remains that disabled people who have invisible disabilities are treated like crap, especially myself. Multiple ADA accommodation requests were made at the Interfaith Sanctuary, multiple requests to file a grievance were made, letters were obtained from a doctor, it was all ignored. It is a fact that the laws of Idaho specify each non-profit have a grievance process, but strangely no one enforces that law and the attorney general’s office did a Sargent Schultz routine for me, I know nothing. The letters from the physician were not written with proper medical language reflecting lack of understanding on the part of the physician. Doctors by design of the government know nothing about ME/cfs, except for a few specialists with lists years long those of us on Medicare will never see. 

I am just now getting over a huge flare up of ME/cfs. I have had a horrible time and every night at the shelter have difficulty showering. It is generally understood that showering makes people with ME/cfs very ill. Often there is harassment in the women’s showers and one must pick up garbage and clean mud before even starting to remove clothing, only ten minutes are allotted. Once I had a shower stall where someone had peed all over the dressing side.

I am attempting not to get ill from yet another pathogen at the shelter as I have immune system problems. I ask the staff not to put their hands that go all over the property of others on my paper cup or anything else. I have stopped using their towels as they are handled by multiple people and strange things happen like a guy folding them by using his mouth, yes that was happening, but not as odd as the one who was covered in dirt and would go out and touch garbage, then go back to folding, he was wearing a construction vest which added to the whole scenario. When I approached Dan Ault about that he was condescending, implied I was lying and then tried to make me feel bad I was not folding laundry. Many of us learned long ago not to get involved with them in any way or there is more abuse. Right after Dan implied I was lying the guy walked by covered in dirt. I never lie about anything. 

There is little supervision unless I make a request for accommodation, then they actively and illogically deny very simple things. The issue last night was a paper cup. At first in an accusing tone, the student of social work asked if I had gotten one when I came in. Of course not, otherwise I would not be asking for another one and the chaos at the desk when we come in has a lot to do with people forgetting. You would not believe the abuse that has occurred around paper coffee cups at that shelter. There was one staff I nicknamed ‘The Coffee NAZI,’ no coffee for you.

In the past we could bring a bottle of water into the dorm but due to alcohol use, they finally caught on, they said we could not do that. So now they drink booze out of their lockers. We were told we could instead put some water into our paper coffee cups. Last night Dan Ault said we were not allowed to have water in our paper cups. Dan told me I should bring my own cup, come in to get water and go outside to drink it. We are not allowed outside after 9 PM so I can get into my locker. There are others at the shelter who were there when we were told no water bottles but we could put water in the paper cups. There is blowing air, frequent viruses, lots of allergens in Boise people cough and take sips of water so others can sleep. 

This is called sabotage a bullying technique, change the rules so people can’t be successful. It’s sad watching people at the shelter digging used cups out of the garbage cans in the morning so they can have coffee and that of course spreads pathogens. Apparently, the germ theory of disease is not believed in Boise Idaho. It is also apparent that the social work program at BSU is devoid of science. What they are learning at the shelter is bullying 101.

We all cracked up when for several weeks a woman had a ­­­gallon bottle of water on her bed right next to where staff walked and they never noticed. We watched every night as the hoard of social work students walked by. There were plastic bins and then garbage bags full of things on beds they either ignored or never saw as well. Since the social work students are rarely supervised it took quite a while for a regular staff to notice. Dan would go by and grab whatever the contraband was and we would crack up because he had no idea it had gone on for weeks. I wonder why they have bedbugs? LOL. 

Last night I realized that not only is there very little empathy and conscience from the management at the Interfaith Sanctuary, but they are intentionally doing ugly things to cause problems. This is when I knew I had made a big mistake holding back publishing. I also had a friend who cut and pasted something I wrote about the day before. He forgot to add my name so commenters thought it was him on vacation. They thought he was in a third world country, one of them asked if he was doing one of his research projects and another one said that did not sound like a good vacation. It was hilarious to me, but also sad. The homeless are living in third world or fourth world conditions in the United States with little hope for housing by design. Many of the homeless are not responsible for their plight, due to disabilities, being elderly, economic conditions, lack of housing and some of us were made homeless.

I have ME/cfs and have had it as far back as my memory goes, to about age three. I believe I have had this my whole life. The government demonized the illness as well as those who have it, refused to do research, put shills on committees etc. Recently through private funding we have had huge break throughs, broken Krebs cycles, calcium transport into cells issues and now evidence it is a very complex autoimmune disease. We have complex symptoms and certainly it is clear I was never get health care in Boise Idaho. 

I believe DES caused my health issues. My government allowed drug companies to sell a drug called DES, diethylstilbestrol  to pregnant women with the false claim that it prevented miscarriages. Back then people were told by advertisements even from doctors cigarettes were good for them and other crazy things. My mother had endometriosis, smoked cigarettes and was anorexic, of course she had miscarriages. They did a surgery and gave her a high dose of DES which effected the development of every cell in the fetus that would be me. Doctors are not what people think they are, there are some very intelligent ones who do research, but most just follow like sheep. They believed what the drug companies told them and for some reason ignore their own observations in their practices, not all of them, but most. This was a scam to make lots of money done at the same time as Thalidamide. You can’t see the vaginal cancer, the silent trauma, the breast cancer, the deformities of the sex organs, the brain changes, the immune system problems, especially autoimmune, the infertility, the abnormal bone cells, behavior changes due to androgenization of the females and the feminization of the males, the DES exposed men who are trans-sexual and the silent trauma. They paid off lawyers and put false news articles in newspapers to prevent us from organizing for compensation. We had to bear the burden of the health care costs along with our insurance companies. Later they did procedures on us that caused more harm to make money.

The FDA allowed this and we now know they facilitate dangerous drugs being sold. DES did not prevent miscarriages, it caused them. The medical schools are controlled by drug companies who make large donations allowing them to dictate what goes on, they stopped them from teaching future doctors about DES. When I seek health care they know nothing about a DES Daughter and say all kinds of crazy things to me. I can only go to an older GYN, but in Boise I can’t get real health care on any level. Those who have ME/cfs are treated like garbage and in Idaho nothing is known. We are misdiagnosed. I also have PTSD, females with PTSD are often misdiagnosed. I have misdiagnoses in my medical records from Terry Reilly and I would like some questions answered about the staff who did this. Then when I complained about that and the false claims of the MD director who says his specialty is mental health when he is not a psychiatrist or psychologist, they fired me as a patient, like I was going back there. I did go back to throw a speech about a mentally ill woman who had been thrown out of the Interfaith Sanctuary in the winter, was outside all night and in very bad shape that day. I would often go looking for her and help keep her from being thrown out of Albertsons so she could warm up. I called Adult Protective Services who are of course about as helpful as a broken crutch everywhere. Adult Protectie Service everywhere is about the same, working on the streets with the homeless, prostitutes and in the those crap buildings they had in Spokane in the 1980s they did nothing and let my elderly clients just die.  

One of the main functions of these clinics of incompetence all over the country is to load the homeless up on psychotropic meds. Half of the mental health problems among the homeless are caused by the abuse at the shelters, from the police abuse, from the communities, from the bullying and from having their property lost or stolen often by staff at the shelters (over and over). People are dehumanized in so many ways and given very few choices to be healthy, this disentagrates people. One can’t even be themselves, can’t do simple things like crochet, sew, read, garden, can’t cook a meal but instead we must eat unhealthy food. Just like in the inner city areas of larger cities where there are mostly minorities even if the homeless have money to buy food it is unhealthy, can be difficult to get to and the healthy food is in another area of the city. Even the only grocery store has limited choices, especially when we of course have no refrigeration or cooking facilities.  
Everything is taken from us. In my case I was made homeless intentionally so these things would happen to me and it happens to others. I don’t care if the people running this nightmare think I am crazy or they tell people that, there are people who know I am telling the truth, their numbers are growing and some are in the same situation as me. They harm health and in combination with the high sugar and low nutrition diets of the homeless cause diabetes mellitus, heart disease, strokes etc. They call this helping the homeless. What the homeless need is housing, but instead of housing we have meetings and lies given to the public. How can those who go to the meetings help people get into housing when there isn’t any?

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