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Fire Alarms at 3:06 AM and 5:11 AM at the Civic Plaza Apartments in Boise Idaho , Fire Alarms are Often a Tactic of Cointelpro Organized stalking/Harassment

It has been hellacious living at the Civic Plaza Apartments in Boise Idaho for many reasons. Here I discuss one of them which has negatively affected my health. I am sad today partly due to the state of this country and the corruption in the courts and law enforcement agencies. Another factor is the abuse of the poor in this country by the government and the corporations. I am also very tired of the war being waged against good people by evil ones.

The fire alarms have apparently been a problem here for years. When I first moved in they went off very often either at night or very early in the morning. This often happened the day before I was going to a meeting city hall did not want me to attend. The Continuum of Care meeting is about managing homelessness. I was homeless and here in Boise the system is quite ugly and the police are very abusive to homeless people. I wanted to give input, there are many people who do not get their needs met without the ability to speak up, I can and do. This is probably one reason why the gangstalking is so bad against me in Boise.

It is a common tactic all over the United States to trigger fire alarms against alternative journalists, whistelblowers, etc. They do it by pulling them, having someone burn some food to cause smoke or by running vehicles under the smoke detectors in parking garages under the apartment (the design here). It has been reported by many. The fire alarms got better for a while and since the stabbing murder the gangstalking has decreased but it continues. More on that in the future.

I live in a one bedroom apartment. Considering what goes on I stopped getting things for this apartment early on. Due to the bedbugs and other problems I sleep on the floor. This allows me to wash all bedding and put it in the drier if I get bit by a bedbug one time. If the first one is killed before eggs are hatched they are gone and the drier kills the eggs. I have not used my bedroom since right after moving in. The person below me does something that causes a loud boom and it shakes the building, this would go on throughout the night and was louder in the bedroom. The person upstairs would slam things around, run into the bedroom, jump up into the air and slam down on the floor and more. The noise campaigns upstairs included rolling something all around the apartment that made lots of noise for up to two hours at a time, slamming cupboards and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom, slamming things on counter tops, flushing the toilet over and over if I went in the bathroom, etc. The upstairs noise campaign was even coordinated with a noise campaign in the St. Luke's Trailer Park on my side of the building done by a man who gangstalked me for at least two years with his wife or girlfriend. They began exactly at midnight one time, both of them simultaneously.

I'm paying for a one bedroom apartment but have not been in the bedroom for months. Bedbugs are attracted to the CO2 we exhale, the barrier has stopped the infestations. I stuff paper towels under the door. When I moved to the floor in the living room there were construction campaigns around my apartment and loud music started to be played below me along with exacerbation of the upstairs noise. I am paying for a one bedroom apartment but have to live in a studio apartment situation. They recently raised the rent because it's America where low income people are treated like garbage and the government does nothing about the skyrocketing rents that will leave more homeless.

I was up since 2 AM and began coughing due to my nose running heavily from some kind of smell. People open their windows and smoke all kinds of things. I have gotten high from the marijuana and that pisses me off. If my window is open it comes in this apartment. I put the empty tissue boxes close to the door so I could go to the store for more and also cough drops and take the garbage out upon returning. Out in the hallway the lights were still flashing from the fire alarm three hours later. I decided to not go out. This was a few minutes after 5 AM.

As soon as I got back into the apartment the fire alarm went off again at 5:11 AM. There had been a repair type truck parked in the back drive which is from the fire alarm company, so it seems there is an issue this time with the alarm system. It has been hours and they are still there. It has never been possible living here to chose when I want to sleep or what is healthy for me. A great deal of the time I had to sleep during the day due to the noise campaigns and weaponized fire alarms. When switching my sleep back from day to night there are horrible migraines to suffer through. I try like hell to do the right things for my health, but everything is done to destroy my health.

This is just one of many problems. Trying to live in this mess is a horror story and then they raise the rent. My post written after the 11% rent raise is here.

After a few days in which time I found out many people had complained about the issues here over a long period of time I received a notice, just left on my door. The rent raise was decreased, to $712 in stead of $733, but a $47 rent raise is a lot of money for low income people. It is hard to make it through the month as it is. That is $564 in  a year. I prefer to have a place to live, would like an organic garden and a bicycle for transportation, no vehicle as one of the gangstalking tactics is to cause accidents in an attempt to maim or kill the target. I am now looking for a vehicle to live in.

Why is running the homeless out of apartments due to them being very unhealthy, abusive, dangerous on many levels and rent raises being allowed? Considering the abuse I received while homeless and the massive gangstalking that has gone on both while homeless and now while sheltered I understand the effort to supposedly help the homeless is BS. This week end it is likely another couple or family will bring out furniture to leave by the dumpster and throw away many of their possessions to live in a car or go to a homeless shelter. If people wonder why some people just stay homeless this is it, having these stressful and demoralizing situations over and over is the cause.

Were these two fire alarms due to my efforts to help friends whose son has been targeted by the government for about a decade since he was seventeen? Did someone sabotage the system, we have seen this kind of thing before and much more. Was it at the orders of Sarah Palin?

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